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BMW 335is vs 335i

The 335is is an engaging small car. Perfect for track days and driving pleasure, its playful nature leaves drivers grinning after each enjoyable drive.

The “335is” model features 18-inch wheels with unique tread designs and an aggressive front grille as well as gloss black mirror covers and other trim pieces. Furthermore, this engine comes equipped with more power as well as a different exhaust. For BMW 335is vs 335i, there are examples from many different units.


There are no dramatic differences in engine performance for BMW 335is vs 335i. However, we can examine some details for engine.The BMW 335is is an exciting take on its standard three Series sedan, coupe, and convertible models. Powered by an impressive turbocharged inline-six engine delivering impressive power and torque, its M-Sport package adds performance enhancements for improved handling and comfort including stiffer suspension, improved steering, better exhaust components and other aerodynamic parts to make straight line races more competitive.

This car builds upon the 330i Performance package model to become a serious competitor to BMW’s M3. It does so by installing a sports-tuned version of BMW’s N55 TwinPower single-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six engine – similar to what’s found in their recently introduced Z4 sDrive35is at Detroit this month.

Like the Z4 sDrive35is, the 335is’s N55 engine produces 320 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque; additionally it has an overboost function which boosts this figure to 370 lb-ft for seven seconds of adrenaline-pumping fun!

Although its output is impressive, the 335is doesn’t quite live up to M3’s benchmark performance – although it certainly comes close. If you’re in search of an affordable alternative to an M3, give consideration to this vehicle instead.

Of course, you could upgrade your 335is with a more powerful engine, though this won’t be simple or cheap. Modifications must be made to brakes, suspension and engine components – as well as being willing to invest the time in building something as well-rounded as an M3. So this may not be ideal for someone looking for pure performance; if this option interests you though, check online forums such as BMW driver portal bimmerpost and forum as they will know more about what options exist for specific model years such as your 335i model year 335i model year!

BMW 335is vs 335i


Even without its counterpart’s weight or handling prowess, the 335is remains an incredibly capable car. Boasting 320 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque, its engine can propel this coupe from zero to 60mph in under five seconds. There are some important differences in transmission and suspension for BMW 335is vs 335i.

The 335is has similar 0-60 times to its sibling 335i, giving the impression of being more lively. Furthermore, this trim level includes cosmetic upgrades like sport seats, sport steering wheel and steel pedals; in addition to having access to an optional dual-clutch automatic.

The N54 engine was used by BMW’s E90 3 Series coupe and Z4 roadster from 2006-2016, producing peak power and torque at high RPM ranges – ideal for performance driving. This is one of the most well-known examples for BMW 335is vs 335i.

BMW has upgraded the 335is with standard sport seats and a steering wheel equipped with shift paddles behind the wheel to increase track readiness, and beefed up its cooling system by installing a larger radiator, upgraded oil cooler, and additional radiators. Inside, the car features a sporty instrument cluster, a sportier steering wheel and optional brushed aluminum trim. Furthermore, an overboost function of up to 370 lb-ft torque is available, ideal for quick highway overtaking.


The 335is is an aggressively tuned variant of the standard 3 Series. It boasts stiffer engine mounts, an altered cooling system, larger 80mm dual exhaust tips, and “335is” badging on its dash. Furthermore, this version boasts its own steering wheel and sport seats as well as more responsive iDrive system.

Its twin-turbo inline-six engine produces 320 horsepower for reliable acceleration without any noticeable lag or turbo lag, boasting broad powerband capabilities with peak torque being available from 1,400 to 5,000rpm – ideal for everyday driving while providing an enjoyable, bump-free ride over bumps.

As with many BMW models, the 335is is an engaging car to drive on the road. It boasts excellent ride quality with great handling and solid brakes. Additionally, its front bucket seats are comfortable and supportive while its small rear seat can fit adults easily. Finally, its quiet yet refined operation with only minor noise produced when opening its exhaust pipe.

As with many new cars, the BMW 335i may experience issues specific to its release year; however, these issues tend to be minor and easily rectifiable with regular maintenance. While 2007 model year experienced engine and other component issues that typically resolved themselves over time; later years were less problematic; 2011 and later models did have their share of issues too. That being said, overall the BMW 335i is an enjoyable and budget-friendly sports sedan; its engine makes driving fun while its suspension keeps things under control when traveling at high speeds.


The BMW 335is looks the part of a track-ready BMW, enhanced with an array of aftermarket bodywork parts to match its track performance. The front bumper has larger openings to feed air into an additional radiator and oil cooler while its rear bumper boasts an aesthetic diffuser piece and black kidney grilles – finishing off this exterior look are 18″ or 19″ Style 313 wheels for the finishing touches. This is an important detail for BMW 335is vs 335i.

Some may find the cramped rear seat and its weak pop-out cup holders to be unnecessarily awkward and highly annoying, yet most will probably find comfort with BMW’s 4th generation iDrive system with its high-resolution map and navigation screen as well as its optional panoramic moonroof – two key components to their enjoyment in any vehicle.

Buyers should be aware that ordering an M-Sport package (available on either the 335i or 335is) adds stiffer suspension and other minor upgrades, so before making their purchase they should visit online forums such as BimmerPost or BimmerForums to research which model years offer this upgrade option.


Different features in interior are among the first differences that come to mind for differences between BMW 335is and 335i. 

In terms of interior, the BMW 335is and 335i, both belonging to the 3 Series, share many similarities. They typically offer comfortable seating for up to five people, high-quality materials, advanced technology features like the iDrive infotainment system, and options for premium materials and sound systems. Interior dimensions and cargo space are usually similar.

The specifics may vary depending on trim levels and optional packages. To get precise information, it’s best to consult the official BMW website or a dealership for the latest details based on the model year and trim level.

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