BMW Connected Drive Not Working

One of the most trendy automobile technologies of recent times is ConnectedDrive, which the BMW brand offers its customers with unique privileges. Thanks to ConnectedDrive, BMW users can manage their cars remotely via the mobile app. From navigation to real-time traffic updates, there are services that will greatly enhance travel comfort. One of the most popular features is the emergency call services for urgent cases. With ConnectedDrive, you can adjust the cabin temperature of your car on the mobile app and start your travel before getting in the car. If you forget where you put the car in a parking lot, you can display the location of your car on your mobile phone thanks to the ConnectedDrive app.

Based on feedback from BMW users, one of the most popular ConnectedDrive features is the ability to lock the doors via the phones. Locking your doors remotely or in the cabin with one button makes it feel very technologically advanced and very modern. With this high-tech add-on, BMW users have opened up a new world. Sometimes BMW users may encounter that the Connected Drive not working. In such cases, this problem can be solved with a few simple steps.

Why is My BMW Connected Drive Not Working?

BMW users may occasionally encounter the ConnectedDrive app not working malfunction, although this is rare. In such cases, you should first determine why the BMW Connected Drive application is not working and then start the fixing process. It is similar to the solutions for more well-known problems such as BMW TPM Malfunction.  There are some common reasons for ConnectedDrive not working based on feedback from BMW users. One of the most common reasons is a connection problem with the internet. All the services of ConnectedDrive are carried out online. Your car and your phone must be matched and have access to a sufficient internet connection.

Problems with your car’s software, which controls all the units of your car, may also cause the ConnectedDrive app to fail to function. If you see a warning like Connected Drive Faulty on the dashboard display of your BMW car, you should consult certified BMW mechanics and determine the exact root cause of the malfunction. Since it is a software problem, it will be solved in a short time with the assistance of an expert. The problem is not always with the car, in some cases you may not be able to use ConnectedDrive because of problems with your cell phone. BMW offers answers to such problems in its app, which provides quick pairing and an easy interface for its customers.

Solutions for Connected Drive Malfunctions

If your car’s ConnectedDrive app is not working, you must first identify the root cause of the malfunction. For example, if you do not have an internet connection, you should renew your internet supply so that ConnectedDrive can operate. If you assume that there is a problem with your vehicle’s software and internal electrical system wiring, you should consult a certified BMW mechanic in such cases.

Although it is very rare, BMW ConnectedDrive servers may also experience interruptions. In such cases, the problem will disappear within a few minutes. Even if there is not a malfunction such as BMW Increased Battery Discharge that prevents you from traveling, BMW drivers do not wish to miss out on the numerous services and advantages of ConnectedDrive.

In all cases, if you are still unsuccessful in fixing your ConnectedDrive problems, you can contact a certified BMW service center by phone and get remote support. If this is not enough for a solution, you can go to a certified mechanic or service center with your car and start taking advantage of the benefits of the ConnectedDrive again.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Connected Drive Faults

Sometimes BMW drivers may have to budget a certain amount of money for malfunctions on their cars. Drivers who experience a malfunction in their vehicles are always most curious about how much it will cost them to fix BMW Connected Drive malfunction. Fortunately, the ConnectedDrive app has an easy repair process.  Since they are usually software-related failures, they are resolved in a very short time and can be repaired for minimal service fees.It can be said that BMW Connected Drive malfunction is quite affordable for users.

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