BMW Drivetrain Malfunction

Cars run with multiple units and systems operating in a coordinated way. The connection units between the engine and wheels of the car are called drivetrain. When BMW car drivers notice a drivetrain fault warning on their screens, it is an indication that there is a malfunction in the drivetrain system of the car. The drivetrain system, which transmits the power from the engine to other units, consists of engine, transmission, drive shaft and lastly wheels.

You may encounter a BMW drivetrain malfunction warning when climbing a steep slope with your vehicle or accelerating on a slightly sloping road. This warning indicates that there is a problem in at least one of the mentioned units connected to the drivetrain system. If it is not fixed in a short time, it may cause safety problems as it is one of the essential systems of the car. In this respect, it can be said to be a critical type of malfunction. Those who display this warning on their screens or experience the drivetrain malfunction BMW car shaking symptom are advised to seek advice from a certified BMW mechanic in a short time. Thanks to the software and equipment they have, they will determine which unit of your car has a problem.

There are various solutions from replacing related parts to BMW drivetrain malfunction reset. But first you need to understand in detail what this malfunction is.

What is Drivetrain Malfunction BMW?

Drivetrain malfunction or drivetrain faulty is a case where the working units connected to the vehicle’s drivetrain system are faulty. These units are engine, transmission, drive shaft and wheels. All the units where the power or energy produced in the engine is transferred to the wheels are simply called the drivetrain system. Drivers who experience BMW drivetrain malfunction may need to keep in mind possible problems in these units.

In cases where you do not receive a warning on your dashboard, drivetrain system malfunction may also be possible. You can notice such situations during periodic maintenance and tests of your car and take precautions to prevent them early. Drivetrain malfunction BMW is a more important and serious type of malfunction than other malfunctions such as BMW Emergency Call Malfunction. You should take action as soon as you receive this warning or as soon as you notice the symptoms.

What Causes of Drivetrain Malfunction BMW

What Causes of Drivetrain Malfunction BMW?

One of the most common known reasons for BMW drivetrain malfunction is the lack of operation due to aging in the drive shaft or transmission. On the other hand, there may be a contact problem in the wiring network. In other words, there may actually be no actual failure in the units, but the connection between the units may not be functioning.

Faulty sensors and issues with the electric current are also common causes for drivetrain malfunction BMW. Since this system is monitored through the software of your vehicle, sometimes the matter is only related to the software. In such cases, your software can be reinstalled with the BMW drivetrain malfunction reset process. Being on roads that exceed the performance of your car can also cause this warning to be given temporarily.

How to Fix Drivetrain Malfunction BMW?

In cases of drivetrain malfunction bmw, just like BMW Increased Battery Discharge or other common types of malfunctions, getting assistance from a certified BMW mechanic is the first step to be taken. BMW service centers have software that monitors all of your car’s systems and components to make sure they are in operation. Thanks to this high technology, they can quickly identify which units of your car’s drivetrain system have faults. Following their guidance, the relevant unit may need to be replaced. At this stage, it is important to prefer original spare parts. In this way, your vehicle works in harmony with other systems and units.

Thanks to the special equipment used in the service, your problem will be detected with exact accuracy and this will keep the repair process of BMW drivetrain malfunction very brief. Sometimes only the wiring network is repaired or the vehicle’s computer system is reset without replacing spare parts. If your vehicle is an older BMW model, then at least one of the units such as engine, transmission, drive shaft and wheels may need to be replaced. It is important for your safety that all this repair work is carried out by an expert.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Drivetrain Malfunction BMW?

Drivers who encounter a BMW drivetrain malfunction error on their car’s dashboard immediately start researching it. The most common question they ask during their research from online sources is how much the BMW drivetrain malfunction will cost them. There is no one clear answer to this question because the drivetrain system includes many parts, from cheap cables to expensive engine units.

Depending on which of these is the problem, how much does it cost to fix drivetrain malfunction bmw varies. At this stage, it is necessary to learn the current prices from certified BMW mechanics who professionally serve in this matter. However, it is known that those who experience drivetrain malfunction BMW will have to pay larger costs in the mid-term if they have ignored this problem and postponed the repair process.

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