BMW Emergency Call Malfunction

One of the most iconic software in BMW cars designed with high-level security technologies is the emergency call system. This system, which users briefly call SOS call, allows emergency services to be automatically called by the car in moments such as emergencies or accidents.

BMW emergency call malfunction is when this system fails to function or is inaccurate. Although it is not a very common malfunction, since it is a vital unit, it is essential for the safety of those who experience SOS call system malfunction BMW to fix this problem immediately.

What is the SOS Call System?

SOS call system is one of the modern automobile technologies of today’s world. Through the sensors in the car, the software realizes that the vehicle has had an accident and notifies the emergency services. It is a life saver in situations where the driver or passengers inside the car are dysfunctional due to the accident. Brands that produce high-tech cars like BMW definitely have well-programmed emergency call systems in their products.

BMW emergency call malfunction is when this functioning is broken or damaged. In some cases, the system may call emergency services on its own, unnecessarily occupying emergency services even though there is no accident.  Sending the wrong address due to a problem with the vehicle’s GPS can also bring regrettable consequences. Such situations are called BMW SOS call system malfunction.

sos call system bmw

How Does the Emergency Call System Work?

The working principle of the emergency call system is simply to explain that sensors working in coordination with the car’s software units detect cases such as an accident, lane violation or driver incapacitation and call emergency services. While making this call, many life-saving details, from the license plate of the vehicle to its location via GPS, are also sent to get help.

Although BMW, which includes this technology even in its older vehicles, is a safe brand in this sense, from time to time users may experience BMW emergency call malfunction. Such problems should be taken into consideration by drivers and solved immediately.

Popular Emergency Call System Problems

Emergency call system designed to overcome emergency situations with minimum damage and loss.  Therefore, under normal conditions, SOS call system malfunction is not a very common problem. For example, it is known that it is not as common as BMW TPM Malfunction. Nevertheless, it is very important that users have knowledge about BMW emergency call malfunctions. You should not worry about the problem occurring in your SOS call system and you should determine the root cause of the problem. One of the most common emergency call system problems is false-positive alerts. This is an annoying problem that can keep emergency services unnecessarily busy.

On the other hand, destruction of sensors or problems with the wiring of the software can also cause wrong alerts and warnings. For your safe driving experience, it is advisable to solve these problems as soon as possible by consulting a professional mechanic or BMW service. Malfunctions with your car’s GPS can also cause emergency call system problems. A GPS that misidentifies the location of your vehicle may misdirect the emergency service in case of emergency. From time to time, there may be inaccuracies in the measurements of the sensors that detect that the car has had an accident. This is also another popular example of the BMW emergency call malfunctions. This can lead to unnecessary calls, causing frustration for both emergency services and drivers.

How to repair a BMW Call Malfunction?

The most crucial step is how to fix BMW emergency call malfunction. First of all, it is advisable to consult a professional when you realize that you are experiencing a BMW emergency call malfunction. Unlike other parts of your vehicle, problems in the SOS call system can have irreversible and disastrous consequences. Periodic maintenance and check-ups of the cars should determine whether there are any BMW emergency call malfunctions. Then the problem should be solved by people who know how these mechanisms work and with which materials they function.

People who experience this problem, also known as SOS call malfunction, will see the bmw sos call system malfunction reset solution when researched about it. This widespread technique is to reset the mechanism that makes the emergency call system run. After checking and maintaining all units of the system, BMW emergency call malfunction will be eliminated. As a safety precaution technology for dealing with emergencies, you should take problems with your SOS call system more seriously and intervene as soon as possible. To make the most of this life-saving innovation, this system must be in a good working way. We also point out that here is the BMW charging malfunction that may catch your attention.

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