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BMW X2 vs X3

BMW was the first car manufacturer to demonstrate that luxury SUVs could perform and handle like sport sedans. Now other manufacturers are following suit.Just like in the 3 series vs 4 series, we will examine different details. For x2 vs x3, there are examples from many different units.

The X2 is powered by a 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo engine producing 228 horsepower that accelerates it from zero to 60 mph in only 6.6 seconds. It uses the B58 modular engine which replaced the N55 in the 335i model, featuring an improved closed-deck block design to prevent heat soakage and overall strength to help ensure maximum performance.

Engine and Performance

There are some differences in engine performance for x2 vs x3. BMW X SUVs can be equipped with several powerful engines. 2023 X2 models may feature a 2.0L TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder engine capable of 228 horsepower; 2022 X3 models may feature an optional 3.0L M TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder engine capable of 473 horsepower.

BMW designed these vehicles to be compact and agile, which helps them provide impressive acceleration performance. Both can achieve 0-60 MPH acceleration times of only 4.7 seconds.

Are you in search of an SUV that combines the benefits of both coupe and SUV driving experiences? BMW describes this model as a Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) featuring a smooth tapered roofline and slim windows. Or opt for the X2 Hybrid for even greater environmental benefits!

2018 bmw x3

Transmission and Suspension

BMW X2 and X3 models both offer drivers an array of engines to help them achieve their driving goals. Both SUVs can be fitted with either sDrive or xDrive for agile handling and greater fuel efficiency, respectively; the latter provides all-wheel drive stability for an all-around safer, more comfortable experience. There are some important differences in transmission and suspension for bmw x2 vs x3.

Both vehicles can be outfitted with sportier trims for a more dynamic drive, which may include larger wheels and stiffer suspension. Both models can seat up to seven passengers comfortably, providing ample cargo space when the rear seats are folded down.

Brakes Systems

Different features in brake systems are among the first differences that come to mind for differences between x2 and x3. The BMW X2 SUV stands out as an adventurous and playful choice among their SUV lineup, featuring an invigorating four-cylinder engine for effortless power delivery and agile handling.

Front brakes utilize fixed calipers with multiple opposed pistons to increase durability and precision, and their excellent stiffness combined with metal braided hoses greatly decrease fluid absorption for consistent pedal pressure and more precise power delivery.

Based on your options, the BMW X2 provides ample storage space as well as a spacious glovebox and center console suitable for holding laptops. In terms of safety features, there are dual front, dual side, dual head curtain airbags as well as seatbelt pretensioners resulting in a maximum five-star ANCAP safety rating; additionally, standard driver assist features come included with this vehicle.

2018 BMW X2

Fuel Efficiency and Prices

BMW SUV models differ significantly, even among their range. For instance, the X2 stands out with its lower profile and coupe-like roofline; its sleeker design sacrificing some cabin space but delivering an ample 470 liter boot space.

The BMW X3 looks more like the prototypical SUV and provides more interior room and cargo capacity. This is one of the most well-known examples for bmw x2 vs x3.

The BMW X3 boasts an impressive 0-60 time of just under 3.9 seconds thanks to its 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine and 8-speed automatic transmission. Furthermore, two drive modes – Sport and Eco Pro mode – allow drivers to tailor their driving experience according to individual needs; perfect for those wanting an SUV that also delivers sports car performance!  The same differences as in the 330i vs 340i are also seen here.

Technological Differences

BMW X models feature numerous high-quality standard features that include heated front leather seats, powered tailgate, auto climate control system, sat nav services and Connected Drive services as well as a HiFi sound system equipped with digital amplifier and Bluetooth streaming audio technology.

The BMW X2 SUV is shorter and lower than its larger sibling, the X3. With its coupe-like roofline and slim windows, giving it a modern and youthful appearance, the X2 stands out among BMW’s lineup as one of the most stylish vehicles available today. This can be considered an important detail for x2 vs x3. Both BMW’s X2 and X3 SUVs share the same platform, meaning that their handling and performance capabilities are equivalent. Both offer responsive handling for an agile driving experience while remaining spacious inside. At  any BMW services their sales professionals can assist in choosing which SUV best meets your needs.

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