Do Speed Bumps Damage Cars?

Probably one of the things you complain about while driving is the speed bumps that suddenly appear. Maybe you’re asking where this came from, but you also want to know that these bumps are not so random when choosing the places where they are placed.

Speed bumps are designed and manufactured for the safety of pedestrians and other drivers. Used to slow down the speed of vehicles, these bumps are often seen in places such as schools, parking lots or playgrounds.

Speed bumps keep pedestrians safe and reduce the chance of an accident or fatal event. Although speed bumps are made to deter drivers from going too fast, sometimes drivers do not notice these speed bumps and enter at full speed. This is exactly why the question of whether speed bumps damage the car arises.

Speed bumps are harmless to pedestrians, but can damage your car if you’re not careful. In your tires, suspension, steering, exhaust and more.

Can Entering Speed Bump Damage The Car?

Yes, it can damage! However, you can inflict damage not only when you hit a speed bump or pass at high speed, but when you try to pass over it at the wrong angle. Especially if you are driving a vehicle close to the ground, you can probably damage the bottom when you pass unevenly.

Does Speed Bump Damage Tires?

It will not damage your tires when you pass speed bumps slowly and smoothly. However, if you don’t realize you’re going fast, a bad speed bump can cause serious damage to your tires. When you enter a speed bump too quickly, your tires hit the ground harder on landing, which causes the sidewall of the tire to touch the ground. In such a case, the tire may burst or rupture. It can also cause your tire to lose air.

Does Speed Bump Damage Shock Absorbers?

The car’s shock absorbers support the suspension springs. In this way, it eliminates the imperfections of the road and makes the vehicle more smooth. Although the shock absorbers give you a smooth ride, there is a limit to the shock these absorbers can handle. As you rush over the speed bump, the shock absorber has a hard time doing its job. Naturally, this can cause the shock absorbers to fail.

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