Ford Fusion Shift System Fault

Shift System Fault is one of the malfunctions that have been wondered about recently. Ford Fusion owners have reported problems with their vehicle’s shifting system. When shifting into gears or staying neutral is impossible.

An intermittent problem has surfaced whereby the power train warning light illuminated and displayed “shift assist fault, see manual.” To properly address this matter, an in-depth inspection of components will likely be necessary in order to ascertain their cause.

First, we need to understand why the Shift System Fault appears on the dashboard.

What Does the Shift System Fault Mean?

With Ford Fusion Shift System Fault, you realize that there is a problem in the shift systems. The shift system on a Ford Fusion is composed of various parts that work together to control shifting in its transmission. If this component malfunctions, your car could experience difficulty shifting between gears or may slip out of gear entirely.

If the message “SHIFT SYS FAULT” appears on your Fusion dashboard, this indicates a problem with its shift system that’s impacting its transmission system and must be identified and addressed as soon as possible. Diagnosing such issues without proper tools may prove challenging; an experienced mechanic would likely require diagnostic scanners for accurate analysis. You can display shift sys fault service required on your dashboard in such cases.

Breakage of a shift cable is often responsible for this issue. This cable connects the shifter assembly with transmission, relaying gear change commands from drivers. If it breaks, this may prevent your vehicle from shifting into desired gear or entering park mode.

Symptoms of Shift System Fault

There can be many reasons why the Shift System Fault is on. Ford Fusion owners may encounter symptoms that indicate a shift system fault, including an alert on their dashboard as well as difficulty shifting gears and an odd sensation when doing so.

Cracked shift cables are an irritating problem. Although replacing the solenoid can be done yourself (TRQ provides a helpful video guide), this task should be left to professionals with proper experience and training.

Low transmission fluid levels are another symptom. Without enough lubrication, internal problems in your transmission could arise that affect shifting performance. Check its level using a dipstick; it should fall between “full” and “add” marks; otherwise fill your tank up. Doing this will ensure that its shifting system remains properly lubricated.

Shift System Fault Messages

If the “shift system fault” message displays on your Ford Fusion, this means the TCM may not be receiving valid sensor inputs and transmitting valid shift solenoid control signals from shift solenoids. Slipping out of gear, remaining stuck in one gear or shifting erratically are symptoms associated with this issue.

You should not forget that Shift System Fault is not a warning to panic. When this message appears, the powertrain control module has detected a shift system issue and stored an error code into memory. Therefore, it is imperative that this issue is diagnosed and repaired as quickly as possible.

The contact is the owner of a 2017 Ford Fusion. While attempting to transition from park (p) into drive (d), her vehicle instead inadvertently shifted into reverse (r). No warning lights illuminated. An independent mechanic conducted an inspection and discovered a transmission shifter cable bushing had disintegrated.

Causes of Ford Fusion Shift System Fault

A bushing that connects the shift cable to the transmission may deteriorate over time and be unable to shift into its proper gear, potentially allowing reverse or drive to be selected even though not in Park, potentially leading to rolling away from parking positions without using its parking brake. Failing components may result in your check engine light turning on, which indicates an error with your shift system. As soon as possible, it is vital that this issue be rectified so your car remains drivable.

  • Deterioration of the bushing connecting the shift cable to the transmission.
  • Inability to shift into the proper gear.
  • Selection of reverse or drive even when not in Park.
  • Rolling away from parking positions without using the parking brake.
  • Failing components in the shift system.
  • Activation of the check engine light, indicating an error with the shift system.

How to Fix Ford Fusion Shift System Fault?

When shift sys fault ford fusion, you should create a plan for the solution process. Many Fusion owners have reported experiencing issues with the transmission shift system, leading to their vehicle to shudder or switch gears unexpectedly – an indication that its time for replacement.

There are some solutions when you notice the Shift System Fault. Ford recently issued a recall notice for Fusion sedans and Escape crossover SUVs manufactured between 2013 and 2016, as their gear selector cable may degrade and break, rendering it inaccessible or allowing removal from Park mode without applying parking brake. If this occurs, vehicles may become impossible to park safely or be removed without applying parking brake.

Symptoms of this issue include a flashing dashboard message that reads “SHIFT SYS FAULT,” as well as inability to shift between park, drive, reverse and forward gears.

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