How Can I Fix a Heater Core Leak?

The heating system, one of the most used parts of your vehicle, is a mechanical part that works depending on the ventilation system. Since the heating system has a mechanical structure, it is both durable and long-lasting. The heating system needs regular maintenance. The heating system, which has a mechanical structure, is very durable and long-lasting, but needs regular maintenance. The heating system, which may malfunction from time to time depending on the usage status like many parts in your vehicle, is a part that provides temperature control in your vehicle, protects your vehicle’s engine from overheating by balancing the engine temperature and offers you a comfortable travel opportunity.

What are Car Heating Core Faults?

It is possible for the parts in your vehicle to malfunction depending on the conditions of use. There are also malfunctions that can be seen from time to time in the heating system. So what are the symptoms of vehicle heater malfunction? If the vehicle heater does not heat your vehicle,

  • If your vehicle does not have seasonal temperature control
  • If the heating radiator is clogged
  • If there is a knocking sound after the squeak when you start the heating system, there is a malfunction in the heating system.

The most common problems in the heating system are clogging of the radiator, deterioration of the heater motor and failure of the heater core.

What Causes Auto Heater Core Failure?

The heating system, like many parts in your vehicle, requires regular inspection and maintenance. The heating hoses, valve and core in the heating system should be checked regularly and the grills should be cleaned at regular intervals. The heating system, which is not regularly maintained and cleaned, causes various problems for you drivers with various malfunctions. Especially vehicle core malfunction is one of these malfunctions. Calcification is the leading cause of heater core malfunctions. Heating core calcification is especially experienced in winter months.

As the Practical Automobile team, we recommend using antifreeze to prevent calcification of the heater core. Radiator malfunctions are the most important shareholder in the problems experienced with the heater core.

Why Does the Heater Core Leak Water?

There are various reasons why your vehicle’s heater core leaks water, we can list some of them as follows:

  • The gaskets to which the heater core is connected are worn,
  • Radiator water has not been replaced for a long time,
  • Particles inside the radiator have deformed the honeycomb channels,
  • Residue and/or dirt may have accumulated in the heater core.

What Should I Do If The Heater Core Is Leaking Water?

If your car’s heater core is leaking, there are several reasons for this: worn gaskets, dirty radiator water, accumulated dirt and debris, as mentioned above. There are easy ways to prevent these leaks, such as using waterproof tape or foam. However, to determine the root cause of the leakage in the heater core, you should contact a special service and have a detailed examination.

How to Clean the Car Heater Core?

One of the most important reasons why the heating core leaks water is that it is clogged with dirt and debris. There are several ways to clean a clogged heater core. One of these ways is to pour a chemical liquid into the cooling system of your vehicle that will allow the radiator to open and then keep the heater running for a short time by putting it in hot mode.

This process will also provide you with information about the parts of the heating system that can cause the worn/rotten pipes in your vehicle’s radiator to leak water. If pouring chemical liquid does not open the blocked heater core, your vehicle will need to be connected to the core cleaning device this time. It is very important that this is done by a professional team, as the pressurized water applied by the device can cause the core to rupture, requiring an emergency replacement.

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