How Long To Leave Battery Disconnected To Reset Car Computer?

While some people think that resetting the on-board computer after replacing the battery is just about turning off the warning light, this isn’t exactly the case.

If the check engine light is on, the car has an electrical problem that needs to be fixed, but before replacing any car parts, you should perform an ECM reset to ensure that replacements are absolutely necessary. The easiest way to do this is to take the car in for service, but simply disconnect the battery.

Resetting the on-board computer after replacing the battery to clear fault codes and reset the check engine light will result in clearing not only the diagnostic trouble codes but also the safety, drivability and radio codes you need. Therefore, before disconnecting the battery, you should be prepared for any problems you may encounter.

Another reason to reset the on-board computer after replacing the battery is so that the ECM knows new parts and can store data. The ECU in every car is resettable and should be reset at least once per the manufacturer’s manual. Thus, when something extra is added to your car, it will have a re-learning process.

How To Reset the On-Board Computer After Replacing the Battery?

One method is to unplug the battery cable for 2 to 3 minutes, then reconnect and start the car. After this process, it is necessary to drive the car for at least 10 km. In this way, it is tested whether the ECM gives a malfunction error.

Unconsciously disconnecting a car battery for any purpose can have unexpected consequences. Therefore, there are several important points to consider before disconnecting a car battery.

  • Never disconnect the battery cable if the engine is running or the ignition switch is on.
  • When the battery is disconnected, high voltage may be experienced in the electrical system, which can cause damage to the electronic modules.

The battery is an essential part of a car’s electrical system. Without the battery, the car will not be able to operate, and any electrically powered part will not be able to perform its task. For this, you must be careful when removing and installing the battery in the car.

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