How to Adjust a Clutch?

Some want it captured below, others want it captured above. Well how should the clutch adjustment be?

It can be determined where and how hard the clutch pedal engages. This adjustment is most accurate when the vehicle leaves the factory. So how should the clutch pedal clutch adjustment be? The answer to this question is actually not clear. Because the clutch adjustment of the clutch pedal is directly related to the driving habit. If you feel this needs adjustment, you can proceed by contacting technical support.

How to Adjust Hydraulic Clutch?

The question of whether the clutch pedal clutch adjustment is made in the hydraulic clutch system is also often asked. Pedal adjustments cannot be made with hydraulic clutch systems. However, with wire clutch systems, an adjustment can be made according to the user’s expectations.

Engaging Point Adjustment in Wire Clutch Systems

With wire clutch systems it is possible to adjust the clutch point. The wire between the clutch and clutch runs from the pedal to the gearbox. The clutch clutch is adjusted by tightening and loosening the nut at the wire connection point. When adjusting the clutch clutch, the values specified by the manufacturer should be taken into account. The way in which the vehicle is used can also be decisive. For example, the habit of driving fast on the inter-city road and the short-distance stop-start habit of Istanbul traffic can result in the need for different clutch clutch adjustments. If you need clutch adjustment, get professional assistance.

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