My Car Making Noise When Accelerating

Noises from the motor are symptoms that should be heeded. They usually point to malfunctions that are related to the motor and sometimes to different parts of the car. Car making nosie when accelerating is also a symptom and must be taken into account. The answers to the question of why the car making noise when accelerating are very wide-ranging. For this reason, if you hear different sounds that are clear to indicate a malfunction, make sure to stop by the nearest auto service point. So, what can the sound of the car when accelerating be a sign of?

Causes of Car Making Noise When Accelerating

Air noise can be heard from the motor when accelerating. This is especially true for cars with a turbo system. An air noise occurs when the turbo accelerates in the system. So, what is the reason for the noise when pressing the gas in turbo cars? To answer this question, it is necessary to understand the turbo system first.

The main purpose of the turbo system is to make the combustion process more efficient. Here, the air taken from the exhaust is pressed into the motor as cold air. This makes combustion more efficient. Of course, this results in more power being transferred to the wheels. The propellers connected to the system also rotate rapidly as you are loaded on the gas. The noise you hear here may be the sound of air passing through these propellers. In this case, there is no need to worry. However, if there is a whistling sound when you press the gas, the situation may be different. Leaks in turbo hoses also produce a whistling sound. This comes out when you press more gas. It is a serious problem that definitely requires the replacement of the hoses. If you do not immediately find a solution for the situation in question and do not receive auto service support, you may face other problems that are much more costly.

What Happens If There Are Leaks In The Turbo Hoses?

Each of the parts used in automobiles, motorcycles or large motor cars is the building blocks of an important function. Damage or wear in a single part affects the performance of the whole. For example, if the wheel alignment is not correct, many parts of the car from the steering box to the axle are affected by this situation. Similarly, if the spark plug is not replaced, the spark plug ignition system and other structures connected to it fail over time. The whistling sound caused by leakage in the turbo hoses should also be taken into account and the necessary maintenance should be provided in the hoses. Otherwise, the performance of the car will decrease. Ignition efficiency decreases and the motor starts to consume more fuel. In addition, black smoke from the exhaust is a sign of problems in the turbo ignition hoses, such as whistling.

If you hear a sound from the motor when your car accelerates, take this situation seriously and show it to the auto service. Because the noise from the motor when accelerating can be a sign of major component failures.

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