Rattling Noise From of Car When Going Over Bumps

Our vehicles, just like people, try to tell us that something is wrong through various symptoms when something goes wrong. Sometimes these symptoms can be caused by the color and smell of exhaust fumes, sometimes by poor performance, sometimes by unstable driving characteristics. Different noises coming from different places are also important indicators that something may be wrong. In some cases, these problems can manifest themselves with both performance changes, odor and sound, and sometimes they can manifest themselves with a single symptom. Sometimes the rattling sound coming from the back or front of the vehicle when passing over bumps is annoying.

First of all, it is useful to take the vehicle to the front/undercarriage master to identify the rattling noise coming from the front of the vehicle – because they will determine the exact malfunction and solution. However, in this article, let’s try to estimate where the rattling noise coming from the front of the vehicle could be coming from and the costs it could cause. Possible problems could be the following:

Blown Front Shock Absorber

When a vehicle’s shock absorber blows, the vehicle’s suspension will not flex when it hits potholes or bumps, and you will hear a sound when you fall into the pothole as a card wolf. The only way to tell if the vehicle’s shock absorbers are blown is to press and pull on the hood where you think they are blown. If there is a rattle, the shock absorber has exploded.

Gaps in the tie rod ends or breaking/wearing of the rod end

The vehicle makes rattling noises, especially when turning left and right. One way to understand this is to move the vehicle one full level to the right or one full level to the left. If you hear strange noises from the front gear, you know that there is a fault in the rods.

Tie rod misalignment or balance – rim malfunction

If the vehicle pulls left and right, especially when you let go of the steering wheel, and if you hear noises coming from the vehicle on the straight road, one of these 3 problems may be bothering you.

Steering Box Breakdown

I don’t even want to mention it, if there is a fault in the steering box to which the tie rods are connected, if there is a slight but annoying sound such as a clicking sound, the steering box should be opened.

Lower Control Arm Malfunctions

Drivers who hear a squeaking sound when driving over bumps may also hear a rattling sound when braking. If you are exposed to one or more of these events, it is likely that the vehicle has a lower control arm malfunction. Known as a part that can move according to the movements of the wheels, the control arm is connected to the ball in the hub of the wheel and the chassis part by means of bushings and cartridges. In case of malfunction of the moving part in question, it is possible to hear a squeaking sound during the passage over the bumps.

Swing Bushing Failure

If you hear any squeaking noise during the passage over bumps and if the steering wheel shakes when traveling at a certain speed, if the wheels seem to go backwards during sudden take-offs, it means that a malfunction has occurred in the vehicle’s control arm bushings. However, if such a malfunction has occurred and has not been repaired, damage to the undercarriage parts will occur in the later stages and the tires will start to wear.

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