What Happens If the Timing Belt Breaks?

A vehicle’s systematic operation can only be ensured if all parts are in optimum conditions. Damage to one of the components in the vehicle prevents normal usage. Timing belt breakage is one of the malfunctions that prevent the vehicle from performing at full performance. If the timing belt breaks, you can do research for timing chain replacement and prices. However, getting preliminary information about this part, which is extremely important for the full performance of the vehicle, can also make your task easier. Firstly, let’s look at what is the timing belt?

What is a Timing Belt?

The timing belt transmits the movement of the crankshaft to the camshaft and allows the valves to open or close. Timing belt has many important responsibilities. One of these roles is the engine coolant. In many car models, the timing belt is responsible for moving the circulation pump. This process allows the engine coolant to move freely through the cooling system. In other words, the timing belt provides both the camshaft and the circulation pump with the movement they need to turn.

Generally, timing belts are manufactured using materials such as rubber and steel wire/fabric belts. Timing belts are also available in special and durable materials such as kevlar, aramid, and carbon fiber. These models are known as new-type timing belts.

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Why Does the Timing Belt Break?

The timing belt may break after a certain period depending on the way drivers use it. There are two reasons for this situation. The timing belt may be manufactured using a rubber product, which is a soft material. The reason why one side of the timing belt is toothed is to comfortably control the pulleys and gears in the engine. The breakage of the timing belt depends on the vehicle’s use and the mileage of the vehicle. Due to the material used in the production of timing belts, which is soft, it breaks over time depending on the mileage. This is the friction and heating inside the engine during this process.

The timing belt, which is not replaced on time and maintenance is disrupted, may also break after a while. So, what happens if the timing belt breaks? When the timing belt breaks, the toothed parts held by the belt are damaged. This causes the engine to stop. In areas where the speed limit is high, such as highways, timing belt breakage is very dangerous in terms of safety. When the timing belt breaks, the engine starts to make a loud noise. In addition, black smoke may come from under the hood of the vehicle.

If the Timing Belt Breaks, What Should Drivers Do?

Timing belt replacement can prevent possible accidents. Timing belt material to be fitted to the car has an important impact. In addition, timing belt price offers vary according to the chosen item. For this reason, timing belts that malfunction or break must be replaced by specialists. Before taking your vehicle for regular maintenance, you can make an auto service reservation. You can also easily display the auto service price list through your phone.

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