What Happens When You Put Diesel In a Gas Engine?

Diesel fueled vehicles must be loaded with diesel fuel, and gasoline cars must be loaded with gasoline. However, in some undesirable situations, the opposite may occur. Various malfunctions also occur when gasoline cars are loaded with diesel and diesel vehicles are loaded with gasoline.

What Happens When You Put Diesel In a Gas Engine?

Especially the fuel inputs of the vehicles produced after 2000 are different. For this reason, it is very difficult to load diesel fuel into gasoline vehicles. However, it is still not impossible. When such a situation is encountered, various malfunctions may occur in the vehicle.

Gasoline is a substance that ignites much faster than diesel. The part that enables the ignition of gasoline in the engine is the spark plug. Spark plugs generate enough heat to ignite gasoline. For this reason, when the vehicle is loaded incorrectly, the engine either fails to ignite the diesel engine, or even if it succeeds, it is very difficult. The situation can be easily understood from the loss of performance of the vehicle anyway.

Since the filters and other inhibitors are adjusted for gasoline, intense smelling and black smoke is observed at the exhaust outlet. Problems can be observed in many parts of the vehicle, especially the valves. In addition, even if you load diesel fuel and start a gasoline car manufactured after 2000, the vehicle will stop after moving for a while.

What Happens If Gasoline Is Put into a Diesel Engine

What Happens If Gasoline Is Put into a Diesel Engine?

Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines ignite fuel with pressure instead of spark plugs. There are various chemicals in diesel fuel that enables diesel engines to work. These substances provide lubrication for many parts, especially hose and pistons. When the vehicle is loaded with gasoline, such an effect cannot be observed. Therefore, many parts such as the fuel pump can be damaged.

Apart from that, wearing materials accumulate around certain parts and cause the vehicle to not operate at full performance. For these reasons, it is important to intervene as soon as it is understood that the diesel engine is loaded with gasoline.

What To Do When The Wrong Fuel Is Loaded?

Drivers should apply for roadside assistance and go to the nearest authorized technical service when they realize that the vehicle is loaded with wrong fuel. The authorized technical service removes the wrong fuel from the parts that provide the tank and fuel transfer with various unloading and cleaning processes.

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