Why Does My Tire Keep Losing Air?

Every vehicle owner has experienced a decrease in air in their vehicle’s tires. These air losses occur due to various reasons. Regardless of whether the tires or rims are new or old, in case of some situations, it is possible that the air in the tire will escape.

Filling the vehicle tires with air at the right amount of pressure ensures that the vehicles operate correctly and that the drivers get optimum driving pleasure while cruising. In order to prevent excessive pressure loss in vehicle tires, the rim must be carefully cleaned and mounted. During the assembly, suitable assembly pastes should be used, and also during the changing of the tires, the valves in the tires must be changed.

If your vehicle’s tire has a pressure loss of around 0.2 bar from month to month, there may have been some problems with the tire or rim. In such cases, it would be more appropriate for experts and competent people to intervene and control the situation.

Causes of Tires Losing Air

Causes of Tires Losing Air

Under-inflated tire is a situation that happens to almost every car owner. A tire can deflate for many reasons, regardless of whether it has been used for a long time or whether it is new. Even under ideal conditions, the tire loses 0.069 bar of pressure per month. The main causes of tire inflation can be listed as follows:

  • Tires release air over time. It is normal if you experience this situation in your car that has been lying for a long time.
  • Your wheel may be damaged. Bent areas around the rim, cracks, rust, etc. impacts can cause the tire to leak air.
  • Damaged valve or valve stem. We recommend that you check these points.
  • Misplaced valve stem on rim. Careless handling during tire mounting can lead to this event.
  • The air pressure sensor may have been damaged as a result of tightening the wheel bolts more than the recommended torque value during the mounting of the wheel to the vehicle. If you think that the pressure of your tires is correct, but the on-board computer gives a low pressure error, you should take your vehicle to the authorized service.
  • Damaged inner insulation, lining and microcracks on the rim also cause the tyre to deflate.
  • Damage to the steel wire part of the tires, contamination of the steel wire and rim corners when mounting and removing tires on the rim. You can overcome this problem by paying attention to cleanliness during tire and rim assembly.
  • Temperature drops in the winter also cause the tires to lose air. This is normal.
  • Small holes or cuts on your tire also cause the tire to leak air over time.

For this reason, it is important for driving safety and proper wear of the tires by checking the tire pressures before going on a long journey or during the season transitions, and inflating the air with calibrated equipment at the pressure values determined by the manufacturer.

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