Why Is My Car AC Blowing Hot Air?

Air conditioner malfunctions occur in vehicles depending on usage and natural conditions. In this case, especially in cars, there is a problem of air conditioning blowing and not cooling. At high temperatures in summer, even minor problems in the air conditioner can be annoying. Although these problems are most likely caused by a lack of Freon, the air conditioning gas, other problems may be among the reasons for the air conditioner to cool less. In this article, we will list all the reasons for those who say that the car air conditioner does not cool or why the air conditioner does not cool.

How Does a Car Air Conditioner Work?

Air conditioning was first patented in 1939 by the Packard brand automotive company. In 1969, 50% of all vehicles had air conditioning, while this rate reached 99% by 2010. Today, there are electronic, manual and different air conditioning systems. However, the working system is similar. Freon, the air conditioning gas, is compressed with the help of a compressor. The pressure applied by the compressor causes the gas to condense. The compressed and expanded gas produces cold air.

The cold air is delivered into the vehicle through metal air conditioning pipes with the help of a fan. All heat dissipation is done with the help of a condenser. The condenser also liquefies the existing gas. The basic principle of operation of air conditioners is to remove the humid air inside and blow out dry cold air.

Car Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

A common problem is that the air conditioning gas is missing or completely depleted. However, this is not the only problem or there may be a different problem. For this reason, those who say that the car air conditioner does not cool need to examine all the reasons one by one. Thinking that the air conditioner gas is out will create additional costs in case of a 2nd leak.

It may be difficult for you to notice any cracks or blockages individually. However, realizing or being aware of these will ensure that you get the right service. Even just the blockage of the pollen filter causes air blowing to be blocked. Even if the air conditioner cools, problems such as low blowing are encountered. Now let’s examine the main reasons for those who say why the air conditioner does not cool.

Why Doesn't the Air Conditioner Cool

Why Doesn’t the Air Conditioner Cool?

We will examine the reasons why the air conditioner does not cool in 6 subheadings. There are many parts of the vehicle air conditioner that are independent of each other or related to the vehicle. If the problem does not appear in the options below, you may most likely be experiencing a problem with the vehicle operating mechanism. For example; In air conditioners sensitive to vehicle ambient temperature, the temperature meter not working will prevent the air conditioner from activating. Now let’s list the basic air conditioner malfunctions for those who say why the air conditioner does not cool.

End of Air Conditioner Gas

End of Air Conditioner Gas

The basic working principle of air conditioners is to compress and release the gas. The released gas starts to cool. The cooled gas is blown with the help of a fan and delivered to the vehicle cabin. Between 2 and 5 years, vehicle air conditioning gases begin to decrease over time. This is the case if there is no fracture, crack or leakage. Its life is about 5 years. Then it needs to be renewed again.

The reasons why air conditioners do not cool are 90% likely to be caused by air conditioning gas. If you say that the air conditioner is blowing but not cooling, you can be sure that you have a problem with the air conditioner gas. In this case, you should visit an automotive service that provides service on air conditioner filling. After the filling process, your air conditioner will return to its old level.

Pollen Filter Clogging

Pollen Filter Clogging

Pollen Filter ensures that the air coming from outside is filtered before it reaches the vehicle interior. In other words, we can say that it is the last stage in which the air is filtered. At this point, the pollen filter does not prevent cooling. However, in case of congestion, it prevents air passage. At this point, even if cold air comes, the air conditioner does not cool as a result of little blowing. Even if the pollen filter is renewed during maintenance, it is useful to check it.

Air Conditioning Compressor

Air Conditioning Compressor

The strength of the pressure applied to the gas by the compressor is of great importance to the process of cooling the gas. Any power reduction or compressor operation problem will cause the air conditioner to stop working. The main causes of this situation can be electrical problems in the vehicle or overheating of the engine. However, gasket rupture, belt tear, compressor leakage are also among the common problems that should be examined.

Electronics Problem

Electronics Problem

If the AC fuse is blown or not working, it will directly affect the air conditioner electricity. As a result of the lack of electricity, the compressor and fans will not work. In this case, hot air starts circulating inside the vehicle. It also affects the operation of the AC button. The easiest solution would be to replace the AC fuse to try and test it. Other possible causes will be the wear and tear of the electrical cables to the air conditioning parts.

Condenser Problem

Condenser Problem

The condenser is similar to a radiator and functions to condense the gas. Its task is to turn hot air into cold air. The air transmitted by the condenser allows it to be transmitted directly into the vehicle. Any hole, crack or part problem will cause the vehicle to overheat. The condenser problem can be diagnosed with physical examination or pressure tests.

Fan and Heat Problem

Fan and Heat Problem

Problems such as engine overheating, bolt disintegration and breakage can affect the operation of the fan. In this case, it is impossible to deliver air. Problems caused by the fan can be detected by opening the hood. You will definitely need to seek professional help for the solution and detection of this problem.

Air Conditioner Blowing But Not Cooling?

The fact that the air conditioner is blowing means that there is no electronic malfunction. You can be sure that there is no problem with the fans and fuse. However, if the air conditioner is blowing but not cooling, it is most likely that the air conditioner gas is out. However, clogging of the pollen filter will also prevent cold air from entering the vehicle. In addition, power loss problems in the compressor are among the causes of air conditioning undercooling.

Running the Air Conditioner While The Car Is Standing

There are some myths about not running the air conditioner when the vehicle is stopped or idling. The air conditioner gets the necessary electricity from the power generated by the vehicle engine. The operation of the air conditioner affects vehicle performance. However, running the air conditioner while the vehicle is stopped will not have any effect on the performance of the air conditioner.

In some older vehicles, there may be a rubbing sound inside the vehicle when the AC switch is on. This is a problem with lubrication. Or you may encounter problems such as the vehicle not starting. The main cause of this situation is related to vehicle fuses. The current required for both air conditioning and vehicle operation is not provided.

Noise from the Air Conditioner

The car or the air conditioner may make a noise after the air conditioner starts. The reason for this may be different for each vehicle. Generally, the pressure applied by the compressor, deterioration of the fans, belt wear, lack of gasket, etc. situations can cause noise from the air conditioner. You should definitely go to a mechanic to find a solution for this sound. Listening to the sound by an expert will provide the most accurate solution.

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