Why Is My Steering Wheel Hard To Turn?

Steering is the equipment that provides the control of automobiles, which is widely used for transportation purposes. Thanks to this equipment, the driver can move the vehicle in any direction he wants. There are different steering systems to facilitate the driving experience. Electric steering and power steering are examples of these systems. In some models, these two systems can be used together. Different malfunctions can be seen in steering systems depending on the frequency and form of use. Steering stiffening is also among these faults and is a situation that every driver may encounter. In this article we will talk about steering wheel hard to turn problem.

What Causes Hard Steering Wheel?

The reasons for steering wheel hard to turn may differ depending on the steering system. Since the operation of the electric steering system and the power steering system is different, various factors also play a role in the occurrence of the malfunction. The factors that trigger the problem of hard steering may vary according to factors such as the characteristics of the vehicle model used and the way of use. The most common causes of hard steering in electric power steering systems are:

  • If the front tire pressure is low, if one of the tires is flat or flat, the steering wheel will not turn.
  • If there is bending and deformation in parts such as steering tie rods, lever arms, the steering may become stiff.
  • If there is a problem in the tire wheel alignment, a table appears as if the steering wheel is locked.
  • A joint failure on the steering shaft can also prevent the steering wheel from turning.
  • Too tight tie rod ends on the steering tie rods may prevent the steering from turning.
  • The steering wheel may not turn due to mechanical problems in the gearbox.
  • Problems in the suspension system can also cause this.
  • In power steering systems, hydraulic module or hydraulic pump and hydraulic pump belt problems often prevent the steering from turning. In addition, the hydraulic oil may be out or low.
  • Shock absorber failure and too much caster angle can also cause a similar situation.
  • In vehicles with electric steering, fuses may be blown, there may be simple faults such as cable breakage, socket disconnection, electric motor may be broken.

What to Do When the Steering Wheel Turns Hard

What to Do When the Steering Wheel Turns Hard?

Here we recommend that you wait a while and start the tool again. Because sometimes in some electric steering systems, the system sometimes stays stuck temporarily and does not activate, it activates with a delay. In such a case, it may be useful to run the vehicle at idle for a while and wait for the system to activate by moving slowly.

If the situation does not change, you should seek professional support immediately. The cause of the problem must be found and fixed.

How to Soften Hard Steering Wheel?

Hydraulic and electric steering systems differ from each other in terms of operation and equipment. For this reason, different methods should be tried for the steering softening process. In order to eliminate hardening in the hydraulic steering systems, the hydraulic oil should be checked, the tires should be inspected, the wheel alignment should be done properly and it should be determined that the shock absorber system is in working condition. Control of connecting cables, sockets, electric motor and fuse box mechanisms can also eliminate steering stiffness in electric power steering systems.

EPS Power Steering (EPS Power Steering)

Today, electric steering systems are more commonly used than hydraulic systems. The reason for this is its advantages such as fuel saving and providing constant control to the driver. Factors such as under-inflation and pressure imbalance in the front tires, excessive resistance in the EPS system, malfunctioning of the steering box and malfunctions in the electric motor can lead to stiffening of the steering wheel in these systems. The problem of steering stiffness can be eliminated by meticulously checking all mechanisms and eliminating the detected problems.

In this content, we tried to answer the question why is my steering wheel hard to turn. We talked about the reasons. If you have different suggestions for the solution of the problem in your mind, you can write in the comment section.

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