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BMW i8 Reliability

When purchasing a used BMW, owners typically prioritize reliability as one of their top priorities. Thankfully, the i8 does not disappoint in this respect. It can be claimed that BMW i8 reliability has great features.

While some issues like squeaky brakes exist, overall the BMW i8 has proven reliable. To keep it running smoothly and avoid any potential headaches. Below are some of the most frequently reported issues and what you should watch out for when performing routine maintenance on it.

Even though this model comes up as a high-level car, there may be some points related to BMW i8 reliability.


The BMW i8 is one of the most revolutionary cars ever created. Distinguished by both its sleek exterior styling and powerful yet silent driving experience, its electric motor and battery pack offer a revolutionary driving experience that leaves other cars standing.

Though not as quick as its more powerful rivals such as Porsche 911 or Mercedes AMG GT, the BMW i8 still delivers plenty of performance when driven in Sport mode. Furthermore, its fuel consumption is much lower compared to many gas-powered sports cars and it produces significantly fewer emissions.

However, like any vehicle, the i8 can experience occasional issues. Some such issues include fuel leaks that pose serious safety concerns; other may involve faulty sensors which cause warning lights to appear on your dashboard and affect performance; rough rides; or brakes which squeak frequently are also among these common complaints.

The BMW i8 comes in both Coupe and Roadster body styles. While the latter offers more passenger space, its adaptive suspension makes the former ideal for experiencing its sporty driving abilities. This vehicle also comes equipped with head-up display and standard sat nav as standard features; an upgrade option may provide low speed automatic braking as well as blind spot detection features.

Electric motor

Electric motor is a trendy technology for BMW i8 reliability. With its rear-drive petrol engine and front-wheel drive electric motor working together to deliver power to the road, the i8’s all-wheel-drive system provides a smooth yet powerful ride. Furthermore, its clever mass management enables it to feel light on its feet when pressing on the accelerator – giving drivers a thrill every time.

BMW’s cutting-edge car tech can make predicting long-term reliability a little tricky, yet owners haven’t reported any major problems with this revolutionary powertrain – particularly impressive considering that it is one of the more costly cars in its class! According to BMW’s claims, owners have reported no major issues; keeping in mind this car costs amongst the most. BMW states it should hold onto charge for weeks or months at once while daily drivers must recharge regularly.

The BMW i8 battery can be charged manually at home or while driving; its dedicated app makes this process even simpler, allowing you to set a timer that automatically replenishes it as necessary. Furthermore, it monitors driving habits and adjusts power output in real-time in order to save energy, ultimately helping lower running costs. On safety matters it comes equipped with antilock brakes, traction control and stability control systems as well as blind spot warning capabilities and can detect vehicles in your blind spot to warn if you approach them too closely.


The BMW i8 uses a 355-volt lithium-ion high-voltage battery to power its front wheels and store energy generated during regenerative braking, as well as charge its gas-powered engine for additional power when necessary. Thanks to its distinctive design and impressive performance, the BMW i8 has quickly become one of the most sought-after plug-in hybrid sports cars on the market today. This model brings great solutions in battery for BMW i8 reliability.

The car’s EV mode is great for zipping around town, while Eco Pro allows you to conserve energy and increase mileage by disabling most electrical functions. Plus, with its eDrive button you can even set an maximum 22-mile EV driving range – perfect for commuters! Of course after that weekend blast!

While the BMW i8’s unique engineering and stunning aesthetics have made it an instantaneous hit, some owners have reported experiencing issues with their vehicles ranging from electrical problems to suspension issues. Although these cases are relatively uncommon, owners should address them as soon as they arise in order to prevent worsening problems from developing further.

The BMW i8’s high-voltage battery comes with a warranty covering it against manufacturing defects that lasts six years or 60,000 miles (100,000 km). Service technicians from approved dealerships can repair this battery; Plaza BMW offers complimentary multi-point inspections that include battery inspection.


The BMW i8 uses cutting-edge technology where it counts and an entirely conventional car platform elsewhere to ensure strong reliability and safety. While not crash tested by Euro NCAP due to its uniqueness, its carbon fiber passenger cell and CFRP drive module are extremely strong; front, side, curtain airbags as well as three-point inertia reel seatbelts equipped with stoppers, tensioners and force limiters come standard as part of its safety package.

The BMW i8’s infotainment system is user-friendly and straightforward for newcomers who may be unfamiliar with BMW cars. Its 8.8-inch touchscreen displays intuitive information while being easy to operate; even those unfamiliar with driving may find the experience pleasurable. Unfortunately, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are unavailable on this vehicle, along with some common driver assistance features now seen across cars in its class.

BMW has not been at the top of our Owner Satisfaction Survey rankings for several reasons, as revealed by responses from car owners from different makes and models. While its unusual nature makes it hard to ascertain if its issues will mirror those found elsewhere, our survey did reveal one i8 owner with serious drivetrain and overheating issues – we advise inspecting carefully and insisting on full service history prior to purchasing any used car from BMW i.

Additionally, its parts prices can be costly, particularly major mechanical components like new brake pads – so proceed cautiously or expect higher price tags when buying used from BMW or another brand i8 owner. It can be suggested that there is no dramatic issue related with BMW i8 reliability.

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