Chevy Malibu vs Impala

To compare Chevrolet’s two popular models, the Malibu and Impala, it can be said that there are some differences in their various units. Although at first glance they look very similar, there are actually many differences between these two models that can be crucial for car enthusiasts. They are both midsize sedans. At first glance, it is noticed that the Malibu is smaller and can be purchased at a more affordable price. The size would be a good example for Malibu vs Impala and it can be said that the Impala is one step ahead in this regard. Here is chevy malibu vs impala with various details:

Malibu vs Impala Reliability

Almost all of the reports from official sources analyzing driver feedback indicate that there is no dramatic difference in reliability between the Malibu and the Impala. Although the Malibu has a higher overall score, it is not much superior to the Impala model.

Malibu vs Impala Interior

For chevy malibu vs impala, many examples can be listed in the interior section. Since the Impala is in a more luxurious segment, it has wider seats and a spacious cabin. It has a successful cabin design as seen in many models of the Chevrolet. Malibu models, on the other hand, have a more modern design even though they are smaller. It is one of the successful cars in terms of ergonomics, more focused on function.

Impala vs Malibu Size

Size is one of the most curious issues in vehicle comparisons. There are differences in size in Malibu vs Impala. While the Impala has a length of 201.3 inches, this drops to 194.2 inches in Malibu models. For those who need more space, Impala may be the correct choice.

Technical Differences for Chevy Malibu vs Impala


One of the most prominent differences for the Malibu vs Impala is the engine. Impala is produced with more powerful engine options. A standard Impala manufactured in 2021 produces exactly 305 horsepower, while this is about 160 horsepower in the Malibu. Because the Impala’s 3.6 liter V6 engine offers a more powerful performance than the Malibu’s 1.5 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.


If you are someone who pays attention to technical details in car comparisons, there are a few details in the suspension for Malibu vs Impala. However, it can be said that these differences are not distinct. Impala is produced with a suspension system more suitable for comfortable and casual driving. In Malibu, suspensions are tuned for a sportier use.


The Impala has wider brake rotors and calipers than the Malibu models. This makes the impala have more advanced stopping skills for chevy Malibu vs Impala.

Economical Details

The economic differences for chevy malibu vs impala, which are similar but technically very far apart from each other, remain a curiosity.

Fuel Efficiency

Malibu is a much more efficient model than impala in terms of fuel consumption for malibu vs impala. Malibu fuel consumption, which gives 29 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway, is more efficient than the impala, which gives 19 and 28 results. It can be said that there is a major difference for those who consider fuel efficiency for their budgets.


Although the prices of Chevrolet models vary depending on the condition of the cars and the country where they are available, it is clearly obvious that Malibu is more favorable in terms of price for Malibu vs Impala. While the Impala is around $30000, the Malibu is around $25000.


The market position and affordability of the cars is generally quite favorable for the models produced by Chevrolet. There are no major differences in the market for the Chevy Malibu vs Impala. Both models can be bought both used and new and can be easily sold. As a manufacturer of high-quality models, Chevrolet has this advantage.


One of the obvious differences for the Chevy Malibu vs Impala is their exterior design. It can be said that Impala models carry the impression of a more luxurious and upper segment car profile. This model, which is also larger in width, successfully offers a premium feeling. However, Malibu is not far behind.. With its practical and ergonomic design, it can offer solutions suitable for every profile. Different color models are available in both.

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