Toyota Pre Collision System Malfunction

Toyota’s pre-collision system might be one of the best safety features in a vehicle up to date. With the help of a front-facing camera and laser, the vehicle will automatically detect if there are objects on the road and alert you to brake to prevent any possible accident.

At times, the system even automatically applies the brakes and automatically brings your car to a complete stop.

While this feature is handy, there can be times when it can malfunction and fail to detect an object or incoming vehicle. Here, we will discuss what you can do if a Toyota pre-collision system malfunction happens. The same methods as in the Toyota Charging System Malfunction also apply here.

What Does The Toyota Pre-Collision System Malfunction Mean On A Toyota?

The same methods as in the pksb malfunction also apply here. Before we get into what you should do in a malfunction, here’s how Toyota’s pre-collision system works:

As mentioned above, the Toyota pre-collision system works with the help of a front-facing camera and an invisible laser. These two work together by measuring the distance between your car and the obstacle in front of you.

The PCS system then considers your driving speed and determines if a collision is likely to happen.

If it detects that a collision might happen, the vehicle will flash a dashboard warning light to notify you about the danger. You should be able to apply the brake once this flashes.

If you fail to slow down or stop after the warning message, the Toyota pre-collision system brakes automatically for you.

Causes Of Toyota Pre-Collision System Malfunction On A Toyota

Just like in the toyota cvt transmission problems, we should find the exact solution. From dirty radars to faulty airbag sensors, there are several reasons why a Toyota Pre Collision System malfunctions:

Filthy Radar

Perhaps the most common cause, a Toyota pre-collision system usually malfunctions when a radar sensor is dirty. The radar sensor behind the car’s front grille is usually filtrated by dirt, snow, and bugs while driving or when left unattended.

Once any of these obstructs the sensor, it won’t be able to detect any objects, cars, or obstacles on the road, which makes you prone to accidents.

Unprotected Pre-Collision System

If you left your system unprotected, rodents might infest your vehicle. These rodents are known to bite wires and mess up your car’s wiring, which eventually leads to system malfunction. It’s best to do thorough checkups and maintenance once in a while to ensure rodents won’t damage the system.

Tow Hitch Installed

Some vehicles have a tow hitch installed for outdoor adventures, cargo management, and the like. However, when a tow hitch is not installed correctly, it can obstruct the sensor and cause the system to malfunction.

If you’re planning to have one installed on your vehicle, make sure an expert does it and double-check if it’s appropriately installed to prevent this from happening.

Faulty Airbag Sensor

Another possible cause for a Toyota pre-collision system to malfunction is when the airbag sensor is already faulty. This sensor can be found in front of the vehicle and usually detects when an accident happens. However, if the airbag sensor is defective, it can also affect your pre-collision sensors and lead to system malfunction.

Tinted Rear Windshield 

Yes, a tinted rear windshield can also cause a PCS system to malfunction. This happens when a rear windshield’s tint is too dark, which can prevent the sensor from detecting objects and cars. If you need a dark tint, go for 25 to 35% but not the darkest shade.

How To Fix (Reset) Toyota Pre-Collision System Malfunction Warning On A Toyota?

As with lta malfunction, the real cause of the problem should be identified here.Once you notice that the pre-collision system is malfunctioning, identify whether it’s a minor or major one before you take the necessary steps to fix it.

If the malfunction in your pre-collision system is only minor, you can quickly fix it by resetting it. All you need to do is disconnect the battery for a while before you reconnect it again. This simple step often fixes minor glitches in the system that causes it to malfunction.

While the usual resetting works, this might not be the case for major malfunctions. For bigger problems, you will already need help from a qualified technician to fix the problem. As opposed to simple resetting, more serious malfunctions already need fixing in electrical issues and other related concerns.

How to Turn on Toyota Pre-Collision System?

To turn on the Toyota pre-collision system, follow these steps:

  • Turn the key to the on position.
  • Look at the multi-information display in the middle of the instrument cluster.
  • Scroll down to the gear using the arrow buttons on your steering wheel.
  • Look for an icon that looks like a car crashing into the rear of another vehicle.
  • Press select (the middle button surrounded by arrows) to toggle pre-collision mode on and off.
  • You can also hold this button to adjust the settings of the pre-collision system as you see fit.

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