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BMW 328i vs 330i

There are some differences between BMW’s popular models BMW 328i and BMW 330i with similar looks. Although these cars can be bought with relatively similar prices, we have listed the most curious differences for users who want to know the details of the differences between them. Here are some further details for the BMW 328i vs 330i:

What is the Technical Differences Between 328i vs 330i


The engine is one of the most important elements that determine which class a car is in. The first difference that comes to mind for BMW 328i vs 330i is definitely the different engine specifications of the cars. While both models have 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engines, the 330i leads with 255 horsepower. The 328i has a lesser horsepower output with 241 horsepower. In summary, it can be said that the 330i has a more powerful engine.


Performance is directly related to the engine power of the car. One of the differences between 328i and 330i is their performance due to the difference in engine power. The 330i is faster than the 328i in many circumstances. One of the common tests that measure the performance of cars is the 0-100 mph duration, as it is known, and while the 330i completes this test in 5.5 seconds, this slightly increases to 5.9 seconds in the 328i.


Many cars’ transmissions produced by BMW are in an automatic form. The transmissions of the 328i and 330i are also automatic. But the 330i also includes a 6-speed manual transmission. This is a function that drivers can use depending on their preferences. It’s a quality that makes the driving experience more effective.


One of the technical differences between BMW 330i and 328i is the suspension. The 330i has a sport-tuned suspension. This gives it better road holding or better handling compared to the 328i.


One example of BMW 328i vs 330i is the brakes. Comparing the braking systems, which are very important for the driving experience, it can be seen that the BMW 330i has bigger brakes and therefore more stopping power.

2016 bmw 328i

Economic Differences

Fuel Efficiency

The most crucial aspect that users care about when comparing cars is fuel economy. Cars with similar power and prices are preferred more than the one that is advantageous in terms of fuel economy. For BMW 328i vs 330i, the 328i is slightly more efficient in fuel economy. It is known that the 328i has an EPA rating of 26 mpg in tests performed in and outside the city. This means that it is more efficient than the 330i, which has a 25 mpg rating.


The prices of cars are one of the matters that users are dominated by during the shopping process. When we look at the major differences between BMW 328i and 330i models, which are quite close to each other, it is seen that the 330i is usually a few thousand dollars more expensive. Of course, it depends on which market you are in and the features of the cars.


Both the 328i and 330i are popular models of the BMW brand, and they are both cars that offer long-term satisfaction. As the 330i is a relatively new model, it may not have as large a secondhand market as the 328i. However, both models are known to be very easily accessed in the market.

Other Details


Nowadays, in order to compare cars, not only basic elements such as engine and performance, but also factors such as technology packages should be considered. Advanced technological products such as the Infotainment screen and digital dashboard featured in the BMW 330i are available in less advanced alternatives in the 328i. These details can be counted among differences between bmw 328i vs 330i.

Exterior Design

One of the most important points for drivers who plan to buy a car is the appearance of the car’s design. At first glance, we can say that the 330i and 328i models have similar designs. But when we look at the details, it is noticed that the 330i has larger wheels and the front bumper has a more sporty design. One of the most crucial aspects of the BMW 328i vs 330i is the appearance, but these cars are very similar to each other.

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