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BMW 340i vs 440i

We will make a detailed comparison of two very popular models of the BMW brand, BMW 340i vs 440i . Of these two models, which generally have similar technologies, the 440i generally has a higher power output and therefore better performance.

For BMW 340i vs 440i , it can be said that 340i is more economical. However, for users who care about details, there can be counted some important differences between BMW 340i and 440i with different features.


Engine is the major subject for comparisons. The BMW 340i and 440i both use an all-aluminum 3.0-litre turbocharged inline six engine known as B58. This power plant produces 320 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque right out of the factory; that is 20 more horses than was delivered by its predecessor N55 engine, as well as 30 more pounds-feet of twist than before.

That is plenty of power for a car that can reach 60 mph in under five seconds and cover the quarter mile in 12 seconds, thanks to an eight-speed automatic transmission which can be manually shifted using steering wheel paddle shifters or console-located shifter with pull-to-upshift and push-to-downshift functionality.

It can be said that there are no dramatic differences between BMW 340i and 440i in terms of engine details. However, 440i brings better returns.

Few sounds in automotive history rival the giddy thrill of hearing an inline-six engine perform smoothly up to its redline of 7,000rpm; and this car’s is no exception – its engine remains silky-smooth even under maximum load.

Both models share an identical engine, so their driving experiences should be nearly identical. Which option you ultimately select will largely depend on how many people typically ride along and your preference between manual or automatic transmission – for those needing four seats with no preference towards manual transmission, 340i may be a better option.

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The other point is transmissions for BMW 340i vs 440i. Powertrain-wise, the BMW 440i stands out as the clear winner with 382 horsepower and 368 pound-feet of torque compared to 355. Plus it should be faster thanks to being lighter.

However, the Acura is also an impressive car with its impressive eight-speed automatic. If you want something that embodies sports luxury sedan performance then either of these models should do.

Driving both cars quickly on entertaining roads reveals much about their respective personalities. While in Comfort mode, the BMW topples over too easily onto its outer springs and has an annoying lag to its steering weight – in Sport mode however it changes significantly and allows better suspension compression as well as dialing out dead spots in steering feel for better steering feel.

Car maintenance includes frequent fluid changes and transmission flushes, both of which can be expensive services but worth every cent spent. A professional BMW master mechanic at Plaza BMW can perform these complex services with little risk to critical components within your car; in contrast to fluid changes, transmission flushing requires completely disassembling your transmission before cleaning it – this requires extensive knowledge and skills but could save hundreds in repairs or replacement costs!

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Though somewhat outdated in terms of styling compared to its contemporaries like the C-Class, A4 and XE models, BMW 4 Series remains an outstanding sports-luxury coupe. Although its love-it-or-hate-it styling may not suit every taste, those who ignore this model due to its outdated looks risk missing out on an extremely enjoyable driving experience!

With its powerful inline six-cylinder engine and wide array of options, the BMW 340i makes for an easy experience that feels similar to driving an M3. However, its slower acceleration in Normal mode shows this car to no longer be an M-performance variant but instead more like its Mercedes C-Class and Cadillac ATS counterparts when it comes to handling dynamics and driving dynamics.

Although not class leaders, the BMW’s ride quality remains exceptional and comfortably holds its own against competitors on bumpy asphalt surfaces. Fuel economy figures for manual transmission models range between 19 mpg city and 29 mpg highway which, while trailing class leaders, is not bad when considering that this car is high performance. Standard features of 19-inch alloy wheels, iDrive infotainment system, keyless entry/start system, dual zone climate control and harman/kardon surround sound audio system make for a pleasant driving experience as well as generous back seat space! For BMW 340i vs 440i, it can be claimed that they closely have similar styles.

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In terms of prices, BMW 340i vs 440i are closer with each other but 340i models can be found cheaper in the market.

Getting into a five-door BMW 440i Gran Coupe costs almost $1000 more than its S5 counterpart, but you do get extra power and an aerodynamic roofline which complements its agile side profile.

BMW’s B58 engine remains the most engaging of them all, its deepening growl an audible reward as revs increase. But Audi’s 260kW/500 Nm puts it more readily in the driver’s seat with its greater torque offering satisfying propulsion even at low rpm.

Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive gives the S5 an advantage on windy roads, with its system reducing understeer and increasing grip when necessary. Our test cars were fitted with optional ($2950) quattro Sport diffs that help limit body lean in bends by shifting torque among rear wheels to help limit body lean. Today’s markets, 340i models are cheaper than 440i. This is a very significant difference for BMW 340i vs 440i.

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You may be also wonder that some frequently asked questions for BMW 340i vs 440i

Is 440i faster than 340i?

Most models of the 440i are faster than the 340i. Since 440i has more developed technologies than 340i offers, according to many official tests, 440i gives better results.

Do the 340i and 440i have the same engine?

These both models offer a six-cylinder engine but the 440i has a more developed engine. Thus, 440i’s have been preferred by drivers who are interested in speed and performance. Simply put, yes they have the same engine but 440i’s engines are more developed.

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