How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire?

The question of how long you can drive with a spare tire is one of the questions that almost every car owner wants to know the answer to. Let’s answer the question of how many kilometers can be traveled with a spare tire immediately after answering the basic questions that provide information on this subject, such as what is a spare tire and what does a spare tire do, does every vehicle have to have a spare tire. Let’s check how long you can drive with a spare tire.

What Does a Spare Tire Do?

The spare tire, which is an important part for safe driving, can also be considered as a spare tire in the vehicle. When looking at the standard tire sizes, it is immediately noticeable that the spare tire is slightly smaller. In fact, the purpose here is to offer a measure that will not take up much space in the vehicle but will not leave it on the road in mandatory situations. The spare tire is not for normal use; it is for temporary use. Its purpose is to provide a spare tire in case of a problem such as bursting – tearing – deflation in one of the vehicle tires. 

However, it is weaker than standard car tires in terms of tire performance, size and durability. In addition, since the balance is not adjusted according to the spare tire, the desired result cannot be achieved in terms of suspension and performance. For this reason, it is not healthy to drive continuously with a spare tire or to drive at high speeds. In summary, a spare tire acts as a spare tire to avoid being stranded when a tire becomes unusable.

In Which Situations Is Spare Tire Used

In Which Situations Is Spare Tire Used?

This spare tire is produced to be used in emergencies. Let’s answer the question in which situations the spare tire is used:

  • When one of the tires bursts
  • When one of the tires is deflated
  • When a tire is torn or becomes unusable for any reason

Does Every Vehicle Have Spare Tire?

It is also important to have a spare tire ex-factory. Today, we see fewer and fewer models with a spare tire ex-factory. This is because in the past it was a legal requirement in many countries to have a spare tire. However, this requirement has gradually disappeared. On the other hand, the weight of the spare tire negatively affects the average fuel consumption and performance of the vehicle. Of course, allocating space in the trunk for a spare tire also takes up a lot of trunk space.

For these reasons, manufacturers generally do not prefer to put a spare tire on vehicles when they leave the factory. On the other hand, the user wants to expand the trunk and reduce the load by removing the spare wheel. However, the spare wheel is a very important part for driving safety. For this reason, we recommend that you always have a spare tire, jack and lug wrench in your vehicle.

How Long Is The Spare Tire Life

How Long Is The Spare Tire Life?

The answer to the question of how long a spare tire lasts is similar to the answer to the question of how long normal tires last. Both do not have an expiration date set by the manufacturer. In other words, the spare tire has no expiration date. However, how you take care of the spare tire, how you store it and how much you use it determines the life of the spare tire. It is not possible to give a clear figure for the answer to the question of how many kilometers can be traveled with a spare tire. Here, many factors such as the speed you are traveling, the way you use it, road conditions, and the weight of the vehicle are determinative. 

However, what can be said clearly is that the spare tire should only be used until a tire change point. In summary; the answer to the question of how far you can go with a spare tire is this: Use the spare tire only until you reach a tire change point.

What’s the Difference Between a Spare Tire and a Normal Tire?

It is important to understand the usage area of the spare tire or the reason for its production! Because the spare tire is not manufactured to fulfill the function of the tire that has become unusable. Therefore, it is not a normal tire size. It does not even replace standard car tires in terms of features. It is usually produced in smaller diameter, depth and sidewall width. In this way, it takes up less space in the trunk and is easy to install. For all these reasons, it is important not to use the spare tire for a long time. So, what is the harm of using the spare tire for a long time?

Consequences of Driving with a Spare Wheel

  • The suspension system may be damaged.
  • The engine is overloaded and fuel consumption has increased.
  • The vehicle cannot provide the desired performance.
  • Wheel alignment is impaired.

What Should Be Considered When Using Spare Tire?

It is important to check the condition of the spare tire from time to time. Just like the maintenance of the tires you use, the maintenance of the spare tire should not be skipped. The spare wheel should be checked for punctures, cuts, tears, holes or if the air is low. Also, the spare wheel should be turned inside out from time to time. Do not put any load on the spare wheel when placing items in the trunk.

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