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BMW 3 Series vs 4 Series

BMW’s most mainstream model, the BMW 3 Series, and the BMW 4 Series, which is considered to be in a more luxurious class as the top model of this series, are two very trendy models. Both of these models are among the most preferred models by many thousands of users all over the world. The BMW 3 Series is one of the most manufactured automobile models. Let’s take a look at the details concerning the different subjects for the BMW 3 Series vs 4 Series.

What is the Technical Differences Between 3 Series vs 4 Series


One of the most critical subjects for bmw 3 vs 4 is undoubtedly the engine. It cannot be said that there is a big difference between bmw 3 series and 4 series for the matter of engine. However, the 4 Series models have a six-cylinder engine that gives more powerful results with the additional high-performance M model. While both the BMW 3 Series and 4 Series are produced with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine in standard models, there are models with a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine for the 4 Series. It can be said that the BMW 4 Series is one step further in this regard.


When the performance characteristics for BMW 3 Series vs 4 Series are considered, it is apparent in the tests that the BMW 4 Series is in the lead with its more powerful engine specifications. It is known that especially users who expect a more athletic driving experience are more likely to prefer the BMW 4 Series with the responsive steering.


One of the technical matters that users are interested in for bmw 3 vs 4 is the transmission. Both of these models are produced with eight-speed automatic transmission in their standard versions. However, the new type of 4 Series cars produced recently also offer a six-speed manual transmission. This is an optional extra for those who have a particular interest in manual transmission.


One of the first details that comes to mind for the difference between bmw 3 series and 4 series is the suspension characteristics of the two models. Since BMW 4 Series models have sportier suspension tuning, this provides lower ride height and firmer suspension settings. This is a very significant detail for BMW users who are passionate about this matter.


BMW models generally have brake systems with similar technologies. However, it is known that the recent BMW 4 Series models have larger brake rotors and calipers for improved stopping power. This difference between bmw 3 series and 4 series is not a huge distinction.

Economical Aspects Between 3 vs 4 Series

Fuel Efficiency

When comparing models, the most important topics are those related to economical properties. One of the most critical of these subjects for users is fuel efficiency. For BMW 3 Series vs 4 Series, it is known that BMW 3 Series models are more efficient in terms of fuel efficiency. The traditional sedan body and lighter weight also contribute to this.


When it comes to BMW’s popular models BMW 3 vs 4 series, one example is the price difference between them. The BMW 4 Series is usually more expensive than the 3 Series models. The reasons for this include sportier performance and unique styling. While the average BMW 3 Series can be estimated to cost around 40,000 dollars, the BMW 4 Series models can cost closer to 50,000 dollars.


One of the crucial details that users care about is the markets of the cars. The condition of the used car market is especially influential in users’ decision-making. BMW’s popular models, the 3 Series and 4 Series, offer a wide range of opportunities in terms of the market. BMW 3 Series models are mostly demanded by those who want a practical and comfortable luxury sedan, while the target customer base of the 4 Series includes performance-oriented drivers.

Technology and Exterior Design Details

While there aren’t many examples of BMW 3 Series vs 4 Series technology in general, some of the additional features on the BMW 4 Series models really are game changers. The new type of BMW 4 Series models with technological add-ons such as heads-up display and wireless charging pad draw the attention of customers.

One of the aspects that BMW users care about the most is the exterior appearance and design of the cars. One of the examples that can be given for the difference between bmw 3 series and 4 series in terms of exterior appearance is that the BMW 3 Series has a more traditional and conventional sedan body appearance, while the BMW 4 Series has a sleeker coupe-like appearance, sportier roofline and front fascia with a more aggressive appearance. These details are essential for those interested in this matter.

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