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BMW 320i vs 328i

BMW is a leading manufacturer of automobiles that are beloved by the whole world. The 320i and 328i, two of the most iconic models of this brand, are very close to each other. There are some minor differences between them in terms of appearance, affordability and technical characteristics. Here are the some important titles for BMW 320i vs 328i that may be interesting for car fans:

What is the Technical Differences Between 320i vs 328i

The most crucial issue for the difference between 320i and 328i is the technical differences. Here are the details of the engine, performance and other components of these two models:


The BMW 320i is produced with a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine in the standard version. For the engine, it can be said to have the same base specifications for the BMW 320i vs 328i. However, the 328i has a higher output. This allows it to produce 240 horsepower compared to the 180 horsepower produced by the 320i. Also, while the 320i has 200 lb-ft of torque, this increases to 255 lb-ft of torque in the 328i. As a result, it can be said that the 328i’s engine is more powerful.


When it comes to the performance difference between 320i and 328i, the 328i is one step ahead here. With its faster and higher torque engine power, it is faster than the 320i. In the BMW 320i vs 328i performance tests conducted under the same conditions, it is observed that the 328i is leading and faster on the highway.


There is normally no difference between 320i and 328i for transmissions. However, BMW drivers can also use a 6-speed manual transmission in the 328i. Normally, both models are available standard with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Suspension and Brakes

When comparing any two cars, suspension and brakes are among the most critical elements to be considered. Generally, people who are planning to buy a car do not devote too much time to these technical details. An example of the difference between 320i and 328i for suspension and brakes is the sport-tuned suspension and larger brakes in the 328i model. These two models have similar suspension and brakes capabilities, but the 328i is slightly more successful in terms of stopping power.  However, this is not a big case for BMW 320i vs 328i, it’s just a difference of fractions of a second.

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Economic Differences Between 320i vs 328i

When buyers are looking at the automobile market for a new car, they are most interested in the efficiency and economic features of the cars. Here are the key economic differences for the BMW 320i vs 328i:

Fuel Efficiency

In the tests conducted under similar conditions, it is seen that the 320i is superior for the difference between 320i and 328i in terms of fuel efficiency. While the 328i model has an estimated 25 mpg combined EPA, this is 27 for the 320i. This indicates that the 320i offers a more advanced fuel efficiency to drivers.


In terms of price, the difference between 320i and 328i is negligible. It depends on the specific condition of the car, whether it is used or not, but generally the BMW 320i is less expensive than the 328i. However, these prices may vary with the extra options.


In terms of the BMW 320i vs 328i for the market, it is obvious that 328i customers are more of a performance-oriented younger user group. On the other hand, it is observed that BMW lovers who buy the 320i prefer it because it is more affordable. Although it varies depending on which country you are in, both models have a wide variety of products in the used car market.

Technology and Exterior Design Details

One of the most critical aspects for car enthusiasts is the additional technology packages and, of course, the exterior design. For BMW 320i vs 328i, it can be said that their exterior appearance and design are close enough to be considered almost identical. But when it comes to technology, the 328i offers more advanced features. For example, the optional extras on the 328i have more options. This could be a critical detail for those who care about this matter. From larger wheels to a different front bumper, 328i drivers can make the car’s default design more sporty with a variety of additional features. Don’t forget to take a look at our BMW 328i vs 330i content.

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