BMW Convenience Package

If you’re looking to customize your BMW, there are various optional packages you should consider. The BMW Convenience Package features convenient tech upgrades while Premium and Executive packages add more features.

The Premium package features a panoramic moonroof, Comfort Access keyless entry system, lumbar support and wireless device charging – as well as a heads-up display and remote engine start feature.

What is the BMW Convenience Package?

The BMW Convenience Package is one of three packages designed to add luxurious features to your BMW vehicle, such as panoramic moonroof, Comfort Access keyless entry, and power lumbar support.

This package also comes equipped with a head-up display, which provides information directly in front of you without taking your eyes away from the road. Not only is this feature beneficial in terms of safety but you can even customize its contents according to what is important for you.

With this package, you can also get a heated steering wheel and front seats as well as rear heated seats – an excellent solution for colder climates where warming up quickly is crucial. Plus, this package can also be included with Premium or Executive packages which contain many other features!

What Does BMW Convenience Package Include?

The BMW Convenience Package equips your car with features you’ll find extremely helpful, such as a panoramic moonroof, proximity keyless entry system, wireless device charging capabilities and driver lumbar support.

This package offers BMW cars in its most basic form and thus costs less. However, more advanced features may only be accessible with other packages like Premium or Executive packages.

For example, the BMW Premium Package features a heads-up display that projects driving information directly onto your windshield. Furthermore, heated front seats and larger digital displays for the infotainment system make the trip safer and more informed in Cherry Hill.

What Is the Difference Between Convenience and Premium Package?

A BMW Convenience Package can add many amenities to your BMW, but be mindful of its cost in relation to other packages or standalone features. For example, any 2023 X5 model equipped with Premium package features such as remote engine start, wireless device charging and heads-up display can get these amenities for about $1350.

The Premium package offers more advanced technology, but is more expensive. Features like the heads-up display can project driving information onto the windshield so drivers don’t have to look away from the road while reading traffic conditions; many drivers find this futuristic feature indispensable – therefore making the Premium package worthwhile in terms of innovation; however, other upgrades can easily be added one at a time, and so we suggest opting for practical upgrades instead.

Which BMW Models Have a BMW Convenience Package?

No matter where your travels take you, the right BMW model can make every drive an experience to remember. When finding your ideal ride, make sure to ask about its BMW Convenience Package for even greater comfort during each drive.

The package can also include a heads-up display that allows you to keep both hands on the wheel while keeping an eye on the road. It’s safer and simpler than having to look down at a dashboard for information such as speed or turn-by-turn directions.

The premium and executive packages both provide unique features that could benefit you in Yonkers or Hartsdale. Call our dealership now to explore what these upgrades have to offer you!

Is the BMW Convenience Package Worth it?

Whether the BMW Convenience Package is worth it depends on what kind of car and features you require, while its competitive pricing makes it a smart option for buyers on a tight budget.

However, for advanced features like

  • wireless device charging
  • heads-up display

upgrading to either the Premium or BMW Executive package for additional money may be required.

The Premium package features keyless entry and panoramic moonroof, while the Executive package adds automatic high beams, auto-dimming rearview mirror, driver assistance system (DAS), projecting driving information directly onto windshield for ease of driving, steering assistance (which steers, shifts and brakes your car into tight Dunlap parking spots for you), automatic high beams as well as auto high beams – perfect for night driving conditions! It even comes equipped with automatic high beams! – and automatic dimming rearview mirror!

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