BMW Premium Package

Upgrade your BMW experience with luxurious features such as the BMW premium package to make driving even more pleasurable. It includes features such as head-up display, remote engine start, wireless charging and WiFi hotspot for the center console.

It also features heated front seats for drivers in cold climate regions, making this vehicle even more desirable. However, there are certain criteria you must fulfill to be eligible for this option. Although it is a similar package to the BMW Convenience Package, there are some differences.

What is the BMW Premium Package?

The BMW premium package is an effective way to bring cutting-edge technology into your BMW. Plus, add a comfort package for massaging seats, laminated glass that regulates interior temperatures, and more!

As well as these popular options, other popular features for Dunlap vehicles include a heads-up display that projects driving information onto your windshield so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road, 12.3-inch infotainment screen with gesture control and parking assistant that takes care of steering, shifting and braking to help get into tight parking spots more quickly and safely.

Naturally, the specific features included in a BMW premium package will depend on which BMW model you opt for; for instance, in the BMW this includes remote engine start/stop/wireless charging capabilities as well as WiFi hotspot connectivity for mobile devices.

What Does BMW Premium Package Include?

Like the BMW Executive Package, it is a package that BMW users are interested in. Add the BMW premium package to your BMW and you will gain some luxurious and convenient features, including a heads-up display which projects important information directly onto the dashboard.

Drivers can keep their eyes on the road and remain focused while driving, as well as taking advantage of an 8-speaker Harman Kardon sound system with gesture control for easier access to music and navigation.

Some upgrades to consider for your BMW include remote engine start and wireless device charging that doubles as Wi-Fi hotspot. Additionally, a display key shows vehicle information and its location within a parking garage; with BMW Gesture Control feature activated you can change front seat light color via gesture control and adjust climate controls simultaneously.

What Is the Difference Between Premium and Regular?

BMW cars are engineered to run efficiently on premium gasoline, which has a higher octane rating than regular gasoline. Substituting regular gas with lower-octane fuel could harm your engine and result in decreased performance as well as costly repair bills.

Installing the BMW premium package into your BMW is the ideal way to ensure you’re making the most out of it. This package provides several useful features not available elsewhere, such as remote engine start and heads-up display.

Interested in adding the BMW premium package to your BMW? Reach out to us immediately, and we’d be more than happy to demonstrate the amazing features this package has to offer drivers in Greenwich, Yonkers and Hartsdale. We look forward to helping you drive home your perfect package in your BMW!

Which BMW Models Have a BMW Premium Package?

There are a variety of BMW packages that add luxurious features to your car, some more useful depending on which model it’s sitting on the driveway.

The BMW premium package is available on several models and provides numerous convenience upgrades, such as a heads-up display, remote start, combination wireless charging pad/WiFi hotspot and comfort seats with an inbuilt massage function and powered rear sunshade.

Other options for upgrading a BMW include Cold Weather packages with heated seats and steering wheel; Lighting packages to upgrade headlights; Driver-Assist packages which add parking assistance features like frontal collision warning and mitigation, blind spot monitoring and lane departure warning – these may all be worth considering for added upgrades to your new BMW.

Is the BMW Premium Package Worth it?

The BMW premium package adds several special features to make driving your BMW in Yonkers or Hartsdale, NY even better. Some highlights of this package include wireless charging pads, Live Cockpit Pro features, and parking assistants that help guide vehicles into any spot in a parking garage.

This package also comes equipped with comfort access and seats with built-in massage functions, an electric tailgate and moonroof as well as a combo wireless charger and WiFi hotspot as well as satellite radio subscription for one year.

If you’re considering purchasing a BMW model equipped with the BMW premium package, we recommend scheduling a test drive to experience its features first-hand. Alternatively, consider the Executive package which offers more affordable features like head-up display and remote engine start.

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