BMW Key Replacement Cost

BMW users are most curious about the cost of buying a new key for their car. Depending on different reasons, from the model of car you have to the status of the dealer. You may need a BMW key replacement not only when it is lost or stolen, but also when you desire to renew it.

When BMW Key Replacement is Required

BMW offers new models with add-ons such as smart cards and wireless key systems rather than traditional keys. However, many models still utilize traditional keys that allow the vehicle to be moved and locked. You may have lost the key to your BMW car. BMW key replacement cost is the most curious subject at this point. In such a case, it is recommended that you keep a spare key. In case you forget where you keep the key, lose it or it is stolen, you should buy a specially identified key for your car from a certified BMW workshop. Drivers also need BMW key replacement for keys that are worn out due to long-term usage.

BMW Key Replacement Guide

If you need a BMW key replacement, you have several options. You can purchase certified and genuine BMW keys both online and in dealerships. To choose the right product that is compatible with your car, you should share detailed data about your car with the dealer. You can choose the most suitable one for you from dealership, locksmith or aftermarket key replacement services. Generally, users who will receive BMW key replacement service are recommended certified BMW services that supply original spare parts manufactured specifically for their cars. Your key supplied from these centers will be longer lasting and more advantageous in terms of security. While dealerships offer the highest prices for BMW key replacement cost, prices will be much lower for third-party services. However, we recommend buying a genuine key that is compatible with the Vehicle Identification Number of your car. In this process, you may also be asked for some documents to verify whether the car belongs to you or not. Although it does not cost as much as BMW brake fluid change cost, this process will have a certain cost.

BMW Key Replacement Cost:

The most curious matter of users who are researching key replacement is BMW key replacement cost. In their research on the internet, they encounter varying prices for BMW spare keys. This variability is due to both the models of the car and the dealer policies. If you have an old model car, you may need to choose a classic key model. In such cases, the BMW key replacement cost will only be around 50 dollars. But if you have one of the newer BMW models, the genuine bmw replacement key cost can be over 100 dollars. Although choosing one of the new type BMW key fob products with advanced features will result in higher prices for bmw key fob replacement cost, you will be more profitable in the long run since you will prevent any potential malfunctions. In brief, BMW spare key cost may vary depending on which model car you have and the dealer you will buy the key from. But it can be said that it is in the range from 50 dollars to 250 dollars. You may be interested in the replacement cost of the windshield, which is an important unit for your BMW car. Here is the BMW windshield replacement cost for you.

FAQ for BMW Models Key Replacement

We have already explained that BMW replacement key cost varies according to different models. Here are the estimated genuine BMW replacement key costs for the most common BMW models:

BMW 1 Series Key Replacement Cost

According to today’s market conditions, BMW spare key cost begins from at least 45 dollars for BMW 1 Series. However, in BMW 1 Series key models offered with technological extensions such as remote start, the price can be close to 200 dollars.

BMW 3 Series Key Replacement Cost

Drivers who have a BMW 3 Series model only need to allocate 150 dollars for the BMW key replacement cost. As with other models, BMW replacement key cost can reach up to 300 dollars for advanced features. However, a budget of 150 dollars will be sufficient for an average item with the expected features of a regular BMW key.

BMW 5 Series Key Replacement Cost:

One of the most curious topics of BMW 5 series owners is BMW key fob replacement cost. Although there is no exact and only one answer to this, it is known that starter-type models can be purchased with a budget of 60 dollars. This price increases in models with advanced features.

BMW 7 Series Key Replacement Cost

BMW 7 Series owners need a BMW key replacement when they lose their car keys. In such a case, a $75 budget will be enough to buy a good BMW key with the average features.

BMW 325i Key Replacement Cost

You may need a BMW key replacement for your BMW 325i. In such a case, you can get new and genuine keys either through online sources or from certified BMW centers for a price of 65 dollars.

BMW 328i Key Replacement Cost

The BMW38i model is very close to the 325i model. Therefore, BMW key replacement cost for basic key models just like the 325i starts at 65 dollars.

BMW X5 Key Replacement Cost

The BMW X5 model is one of BMW’s most popular high-end segment cars. BMW key replacement cost is around 80 dollars for this model. It is an affordable price for a genuine key with advanced features specially designed for your car.

BMW X3 Key Replacement Cost

One of BMW’s most popular models is the BMW X3. Drivers who own this model may lose their keys or may want to replace them. There are technological keys compatible with the X3 that do not disturb the comfort and functioning of your car. When you buy the appropriate one for your BMW X3, approximately 80 dollars is enough for the BMW key replacement cost.

BMW E46 Key Replacement Cost

Drivers of the BMW E46 model are curious about the price of the replacement key for their car in the current market conditions. BMW key replacement cost is a minimum of 50 dollars for the E46 model and can reach 200 dollars with various features.

BMW Z3 Key Replacement Cost

The Z3, one of BMW’s most well-loved models, is a car that makes spare parts easily accessible to its drivers. Let’s say you lost your BMW Z3 original key. In such a case, a budget of 75 dollars will be enough for the BMW key replacement cost.

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