BMW Bluetooth Not Working

If your BMW Bluetooth Not Working, taking some simple troubleshooting steps such as restarting or updating software may help restore it to full working order. These may include rebooting your device or updating software – among others. We will try to understand one of the most common types of malfunctions such as BMW Connected Drive Not Working.

BMW Bluetooth problems often stem from malfunctioning software on either your BMW infotainment system or device, with forced restarts of both potentially helping resolve them.

Most Popular BMW Bluetooth Problems

There could be any number of reasons for BMW Bluetooth to not function correctly, with one of the main issues being connection issues that keep cutting out or audio not playing properly.

If a previous pairing no longer connects, delete and re-pairing may help resolve any potential issues with BMW Bluetooth connectivity. Doing this will remove any old Bluetooth connections that could be interfering with its functioning. Although not as vital as BMW Emergency Call Malfunction, BMW Bluetooth not working also affects the driving experience.

BMW Bluetooth Connected but Not Playing Music

If your BMW Bluetooth is connected but not playing music, this could be due to an option being disabled in its iDrive bluetooth menu. Make sure all audio, phone and additional phone options are turned on.

Update your phone software and Bluetooth version as per its user manual or consult a technician to prevent connectivity issues. Hardware issues affecting your Bluetooth module or chip may impede connectivity, necessitating professional help from either a BMW dealer or electronics repair technician.

BMW Bluetooth Audio Not Working

When streaming music or making calls hands-free in your BMW, one of the last things you want is for there to be any interruptions of sound from Bluetooth not functioning correctly – yet that may just happen!

To address this, ensure your iDrive and phone are properly connected, with Bluetooth audio selected as media output. To do this, go into your communications menu on iDrive and choose to manage mobile devices.

As another option, try updating both your iDrive software and Bluetooth version on your phone to ensure they both support BMW vehicles. If this doesn’t help, resolving hardware issues with either device or the BMW infotainment system may require professional assistance – something which should never be attempted alone.

BMW Bluetooth Poor Voice Quality

There can be numerous factors which cause your BMW Bluetooth to stop working correctly, with some being very straightforward fixes while others requiring professional services.

One common Bluetooth audio issue is when its volume is too low to be heard clearly; to remedy this issue, raise both volumes on your device and infotainment system to increase it. An often encountered Bluetooth signal issue stemming from distance or obstruction can be fixed by positioning yourself closer to the infotainment device or system.

BMW Bluetooth Pairing Problem

Some BMW models may impose limits on the number of Bluetooth devices that can be connected simultaneously; reaching this cap could cause connectivity issues.

External interference may also contribute to Bluetooth issues on your BMW. If your location contains many wireless devices or radio signals, consider moving away in order to improve your connection and remove any physical obstructions which might be blocking it.

If your smartphone is having difficulty connecting with your BMW, double-check its Bluetooth settings on both ends – phone and iDrive. Be sure that audio, telephone and additional telephone options are enabled; additionally, update either iDrive software or the Bluetooth protocol on your device if necessary.

BMW Bluetooth Software Update

BMW Bluetooth software updates provide a quick and effective solution to issues you might be encountering with your bluetooth connectivity. BMW regularly releases updates for their infotainment system that aim to address known issues while improving bluetooth connectivity.

To perform a BMW Bluetooth software update, follow the directions in your user manual. Typically, this involves first activating Bluetooth on your mobile device before following steps outlined by your user manual to pair it with BMW’s bluetooth system – you may be required to enter a PIN passkey during the pairing process.

iDrive Resets While Bluetooth is Connected

If your BMW iDrive continuously resets when Bluetooth is connected, the issue could lie beyond your control. It could be caused by issues in the operating system of your phone that cause bugs and glitches; sometimes these problems result in rebooting.

Another possible solution to this issue is ensuring Bluetooth is turned on and set to “discoverable” mode. To do this, follow the instructions in your BMW user manual to pair your mobile device with its infotainment system via Bluetooth – depending on its model this might involve accessing media or audio source menu and selecting Bluetooth as its connection type.

BMW Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting

Disconnections in BMW Bluetooth systems can be incredibly inconvenient and distracting, disrupting music listening sessions and important phone calls alike. Luckily, there are several strategies you can try to address this problem.

One of the first things you should try is restarting your device; this may help resolve software-related problems. Furthermore, update any relevant software to ensure compatibility with BMW Bluetooth systems.

Another potential cause may be too many devices connected to your device. In such instances, try forgetting some devices; depending on your device this may involve opening Bluetooth settings and tapping on each one individually before reconnecting it with the BMW Bluetooth system; failing that you may visit Apple store to have hardware checked out.

AVRCP Version Problem

BMW Bluetooth systems require specific AVRCP software versions in order to work correctly with mobile devices, and any incompatibilities could lead to connection issues with certain mobile phones. You may be able to resolve the problem by updating your software version or reaching out to a BMW dealer for assistance.

Step one is updating the software on your BMW’s iDrive system, which can be done by visiting the official BMW software update site and entering your VIN number. After updating, your mobile device should connect successfully with iDrive without any issue; otherwise try restarting or editing the name of the device listed as Bluetooth in the BMW Bluetooth list if problems still arise.

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