What Causes the Delayed Shifting When Accelerating?

When driving, we often expect things to repeat the same way every time. But sometimes something goes wrong due to mechanical issues. This can be explained by wear or the margin of error in the engineering design process. One of the good examples of this is the case of gear engagement. While driving, the gear that supports acceleration – uphill – downhill – deceleration and stopping purposes is sometimes engaged. So, what is the reason for the stuttering in the gear shifts?

Causes of Delayed Shifting When Accelerating

In case of gear shifting, which is a problem experienced by those who drive vehicles with manual transmission, the gear is engaged and does not change or waits even though the driver changes gear. This, of course, causes a very negative situation both in terms of driving safety and driving pleasure.

  • The clutch box can have an issue.
  • The syncronizers could have an issue.
  • The synchronizer shift bar can have an issue.
  • The components that link the gear lever to the transmission can have a problem.

Shift delays are often caused by many causes, but most commonly due to poor maintenance or high mileage. In addition to acting as a coolant, transmission fluid keeps internal parts lubricated to help prevent hardening or wear. If the fluid is not changed often enough or is not at the right level, it cannot protect vital components inside the engine.

The first thing to do when you notice a delay in your vehicle’s shifting is to check your transmission fluid. Fluid, level, color and odor will tell you what condition the transmission is in. If the fluid is low, dark, or has a musty odor, the vehicle should be taken to a workshop immediately.

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