Thermostat Housing Leak

The thermostat housing is a reservoir with coolant on and above the engine. It is a slightly known technical component that ensures that the temperature is kept at optimum levels while the engine is running. Leaks in this component will cause serious direct damage to the engine. If the coolant in the thermostat housing leaks, the cooling of the engine will be prevented and there will be dramatic losses in your driving experience. If you are experiencing a situation like a thermostat housing leak, you should first be familiar with this component.

What is the Thermostat Housing Leak?

Thermostat housing is one of the most crucial components of the car’s cooling system. The main responsibility of the thermostat housing is to keep the engine at optimal temperatures. By regulating the flow of coolant, it is an important component that ensures that the engine and other components of the car are kept at ideal temperatures. Although it is not a very well-known component, the thermostat housing is a critical element that drivers should be aware of because it directly affects the engine during failures such as leaks.

If a leak in the car thermostat housing happens, the coolant can also come out of the housing. This can lead to engine overheating and disruption of other cooling systems. As soon as you notice such a symptom in your car, you should go to a certified service center. Any permanent damage to the engine can lead to greater costs in the long term.

Is the Thermostat Housing Leak Serious?

Since the thermostat housing is not a well-known component having frequent malfunctions, it is one of the matters of curiosity whether the malfunctions in this component are serious or not. Many expert mechanics and automobile manufacturers state that thermostat housing leak has the potential to cause very serious and major problems. Leakage of the coolant in the reservoir that cools the engine causes the overheating of the engine. This will cause abnormal effects on all the rest of the car’s systems.

You may feel sudden decreases in the performance of your engine and you may experience abnormal fuel waste. Since it is a component in direct contact with the engine, it can cause sad consequences when it is ignored. Just like in the water coming out of the exhaust malfunction, it should not be neglected.

Causes of Thermostat Housing Leak

Leaking thermostat housing malfunction, like heater core leak, also has particular causes. In cars that have been in use for a long period of time, damage to this type of component due to aging is common. Thermostat housing can also be damaged occasionally in accidents or jolts. This can result in thermostat housing leaking. Over-tightening of bolts during installation is also a possible reason. Thermostat housing leaks will also have effects on the temperature and functioning of other units. You should diagnose and repair malfunctions in the mentioned components of your car at an early stage. If we briefly list the most common causes:

  • Long term use
  • Accidents
  • Over-tightening of bolts during installation

Can I Drive With a Thermostat Housing Leak?

One of the most wondered questions of drivers who encounter a leaking thermostat housing malfunction is whether they can drive their car in such a case. The experts on this field recommend that the car should not be put on the road in case of thermostat housing leaking. When the coolant in the thermostat housing leaks out, the overheated engine will prevent the function of other components.

Moreover, the deterioration of this mechanism may cause more serious malfunctions that threaten your safety. If you notice any symptoms of the leaking Thermostat housing, you should go to a service immediately. Thanks to their equipment and software, professional and certified mechanics can prevent the leak in the Thermostat housing or carry out the replacement of the original Thermostat housing components.

How To Fix a Thermostat Housing Leak?

One of the most curious issues for drivers who encounter a malfunction such as leakage in the car thermostat housing unit is the question of how to fix a thermostat housing leak. Although it sounds complicated, we should remind you that leaking thermostat housing can be repaired in a few simple steps. Here are some solution options to fix a leaking thermostat housing:

  • Removing old housing
  • Cleaning the mating surfaces
  • Installing a new housing
  • Replacement gasket
  • Draining the coolant

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